Google Connects AI Chatbot Bard to Some of Its Biggest Apps

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Google announced on Tuesday that it is incorporating its AI chatbot Bard into applications like YouTube, Gmail, Drive, Maps, Docs, and Google Flights. This will allow users to partner with the chatbot via the Bard extension to the aforementioned services.
Yury Pinsky, Bard’s director of product development, said, “For example, if a user is planning a trip, Bard can check Gmail to see what dates work best then check flight and hotel information, then Maps for directions to the airport and YouTube for suggested videos of things to do during the trip.”

Using Generative AI Capabilities For Tailored Response

Google confirmed that Bard can use generative AI capabilities to provide tailored responses by using data from the web. This was later made available to all users to test the bot’s capabilities. Now the company is extending similar capabilities to the Google apps and services.
Bard is integrated with all these services and can use data from them as and when required, depending on the query and needed responses. Google also said Bard is getting better at creating and customizing responses. Also, they have improved the ‘Google it’ feature to double-check Bard’s answers.

How Will Bard Function?

The updated Bard will search and display answers by finding the crucial data across all the services and giving custom answers. It will also be able to get data and provide relevant information on flights and hotels.
When working in Google Drive, users can ask it to search for any specific file or document. For example, you can ask Bard to search for a specific report from December 2022, and compile it into a short paragraph.
Google pointed out that the data used will not be accessed by human reviewers, Bard to show ads, or used to train the large language models. Additionally, users will also have the option to choose how they want to use these extensions or turn them off at any time.

Chat Collaboration on Bard

In times when users want to share chat and access conversations with AI chatbots with friends or family the most common thing you do is provide a link. Google is now making it easy by adding a new update for Bard. When a user sends a conversation by a public link, the receiver can continue the conversation with the chatbot and even ask additional questions about the topic.
Google is also growing access to the existing English language features. This will include the ability to upload images with Lens, get Search images in response, and modify Bard’s responses to more than 40 languages.
With this new power-up for Bard and under-development AI tool ‘Genesis’, Google seems to be setting itself up for market domination. What are your thoughts on the new Google Bard Features? Let us know in the comment section.
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