OpenAi Unveils ChatGPT Business Plan with New Privacy Controls Amidst Heavy Scrutiny

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT continues to dominate headlines in the Artificial Intelligence domain, ever since its introduction in late November last year.

The tool has been continuously improving its algorithm and upgrading with new features. The most prominent one being, the advanced and capable language model called GPT-4 within the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan.

There are also several plugins that users can try. The latest developments in ChatGPT’s feature list include a new business plan and privacy control tools. Let’s break it all down.

The ChatGPT Business Plan Explained

According to OpenAI, the new ChatGPT Business plan is meant for professionals that want more control over their data. This new plan will also follow the API data usage policies by default. 

Basically, the tool will not use the conversation data to train its models. This includes end-user data that can be gathered by the ChatGPT API. 

There’s no indication about the pricing for this new subscription model. But, OpenAI has confirmed that it will be available within the coming months.

ChatGPT Privacy Controls – What’s New & How Does It Benefit the Users

The new privacy controls are somewhat similar to what the business plan brings to the table.

Previously, any conversations that users had with the ChatGPT AI would appear on the sidebar as chat history. On Tuesday, the latest update introduced an option for users to disable chat history. 

The best part about this new ChatGPT feature is that disabling the chat history will stop the tool from using those conversations to train the OpenAI models. 

But, the conversations will still be held for 30 days to monitor them for abuse. 

Along with that, there’s another new option in the settings to export conversations. These can also be sent directly to users via email.

These changes are an effort to improve privacy options and keep their lead from other emerging AI companies and tools.

combat the heavy scrutiny that OpenAI is facing currently.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT-related Privacy Concerns 

OpenAI faced a storm of data and privacy violation accusations from several European countries. After Italy’s ban on ChatGPT, authorities from other countries like Germany, and France have also questioned OpenAI about compliance issues. 

Another big controversy was caused by Elon Musk’s reply to a tweet about OpenAI using Twitter data illegally to train its models. This led to a whole new Microsoft-Twitter drama as Microsoft is one of the biggest investors behind OpenAI. 

All these controversies have surely influenced the new privacy features to gain whatever reputation that the AI company lost. 

Despite everything, OpenAI remains committed to its mission of advancing AI and making it available to everyone. It has already established itself as a leader in the field, and with the introduction of these new plans, it looks set to continue pushing the AI train further.

And, if you want to try the new features, just log in to your ChatGPT account and give it a go!

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