You Can Now Use the DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator in Microsoft Bing

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On Tuesday, October 3rd, Microsoft announced that OpenAI’s latest model DALL-E 3 is now available to all Bing users. The feature was out over the last week, first for the Bing Enterprise users and then for Bing Image Creator. Now it is open for all Bing users to enjoy.
The tech giant in its blog post said, “We’re excited to share that DALL-E 3, the latest and most capable text-to-image model from OpenAI, is now generally available to everyone within Bing Chat and—for free!”
Moreover, Bing is getting DALL-E 3 access way before OpenAI’s ChatGPT, bringing an advantage to Microsoft. The tech giant is likely to be the most popular image-generating tool for a long while.

The Significance of DALL-E 3

It is the third version of OpenAI’s image-generating model powered by a neural network. It can generate realistic and distinct images from a natural language prompt. DALL-E 3 understands the user’s prompt with much more precision and reliability than the previous models. Furthermore, this version produces images that are photorealistic meaning they are not just visually attractive but are backed by logic.
Microsoft has also attempted to design it in a way that is easier to use. It has integrated DALL-E 3 into Bing and ChatGPT instead of making a standalone product. This will make it convenient for users to create and improvise their images by conversing with the chatbot rather than trying to improve their initial attempt.

Microsoft Ensuring the Safety and Ethics

In the blog post, they mentioned the risks and challenges associated with synthetic media and have taken appropriate steps to ensure it. Microsoft has created a content moderation system of its own which enables it to avoid creating images that contain nudity, violence, hate speech, or illegal activities.
In Bing Image Creator, all AI-generated images will possess a watermark complying with the C2PA specification. This watermark will include the time and date of its creation and confirm the source of the image as AI-generated.
Since the launch of Bing Image Creator, users have generated one billion images. No wonder why the servers will be overloaded for a while.
Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin posted— we know the DALL-E 3.0 generation right now is taking longer than normal. We expected some strong interest, but we didn’t expect THAT much, especially given it’s a weekend. Bringing more GPUs in will be better soon.
What images will you be generating through Bing Chat and Image Creator? Let us know in the comments.
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