Microsoft Makes the Bing AI Chatbot Public – Here’s a List of Features to Try

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Microsoft finally makes the Bing AI Chatbot public, giving users the ability to interact with a highly advanced language model. This announcement is sure to change the way we interact with the Internet, and how we gather information. The Bing AI language model can understand and respond to natural language queries similar to ChatGPT. 

The Hype for Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot and Its Features

We know Microsoft has been a major AI player in recent years. But, ever since Microsoft launched AI-powered versions of Bing and Edge browser it became the talk of the Internet town. It gained around 100 million daily users in the last three months. 

And, the Bing AI Chatbot is really something special to warrant the hype behind it. Starting from multimedia searches to adding plugins here’s what the new Bing AI can do:

Visual search 

Now, Bing conversations will be much easier with the help of images, videos, graphs, and even charts. This means it will now understand images and videos to give appropriate results. 

Microsoft is also announcing an image creator which will basically create images from a text command.  

Chat history 

One of the most desired and highly requested features, was the ability to save and share Bing chats. This updated version will enable Bing Chat export and sharing capabilities. You can also pick up chatbot chats across devices. This allows users to use Bing AI Chatbot as a research tool. 

Action feature 

The Action feature allows users to complete their tasks without any kind of navigation between sites. For example, users can book a table at a restaurant according to the time they prefer. A similar service is available on Edge as well. 

Additionally, if you want to watch a movie, you can just ask Bing AI to play them for you. It will instantly choose the appropriate provider and open the website to begin playing the movie. 


The list of new upgrades also contains third-party plug-ins to Bing Chat. According to sources, Microsoft is working with Wolfram Alpha for visualizations. It will also work with OpenAI to allow developers to integrate with Bing AI Chatbot. Lastly, they’ll work with OpenTable for its Bing Actions bookings functionality.


The game-changing merger of AI and search engines with Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot still has a long way to go. As far as improvement is concerned, we’ve seen OpenAI take leaps forward with ChatGPT. We’re hoping the progress rate continues and we all get smarter solutions.

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