Microsoft Releases New Updates and Features for Xbox App For Apple Users

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Today, Microsoft released an updated version of its Xbox app specially designed for the iPhone and the iPad. This new update will allow Xbox users to play their games remotely using streaming functionality on their Apple devices.  

For a few weeks now, Microsoft has been testing features. They first provided it to Xbox app beta testers back in September. From the app’s release notes set up new consoles and queue games, play remotely from your console, view and share game clips & screenshots arty chat with friends across devices.  

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The options in the new Xbox streaming is different than Microsoft’s xCloud service. They are not yet available on Apple’s devices due to ingoing restrictions by Apple on cloud gaming.   

xCloud will directly stream games from Microsoft’s servers as the Xbox streaming option requires users to connect their devices to consoles.  

Microsoft’s new update is quite similar to the PS4 Remote Play app, offered by Sony on the ‌iPhone‌ and the ‌iPad‌. Similar to the Xbox app, remote play will enable PlayStation users to play their PS4 games on any Apple device over Wi-Fi.  

The new streaming feature works outside of the home and allows users to access their games from the Xbox when not at home.   

According to the latest app’s release notes, the streaming feature requires an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S activation or in Instant-On mode that provides 10Mb/s download speeds along with a 5GHz WiFi connection or LTE/5G connection.  

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