10 Amazing AI-Driven Tools to Innovate Your Software Development Process

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Believe it or not but we are using Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in our day-to-day life one way or another. The best example is our smartphones. If you are wondering how?. Ever heard of SIRI or ALEXA or Google Assistant? Probably Yes, that’s it then, you got it. They are all AI-driven and there is no point in clarifying how they are being useful to us in our daily routine. But that’s just a trailer, the application of AI and Machine Learning in several industrial sectors is remarkable. And the IT industry isn’t lagging. 

How Software development companies use AI-driven tools? 

Developing software is a very complex process because ideation, product definition, strategic designing, coding, quality assessment, and testing are not easy. Also, the ever-changing marketing trends and increasing desire for a better user-experience are making it even tougher. Humans have limitations, getting distracted, and tiring out from work is ubiquitous. Which means there is no guarantee of constant productivity. 

So, to take the Custom software development process to a whole another level, large enterprises have started using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Although the technology is still budding and the full implication of them isn’t possible, companies use such technologies through some specifically designed tools to pave the way. 

Started by the large enterprises on test-bases, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools are now applied industry-wide to get better productivity, efficiency, and work accuracy with no errors. To date, various tools are developed and used. Every tool has a specific purpose like data analysis, trend predictions, delivery estimation, requirements gathering, designing, compiling codes, intelligent testing, bug fixing, programming assistance, enhance decision making, and so forth. 

So, without any more delay, let us dive into the exciting details of some of the best and most reliable AI-driven tools that are delivering ground-breaking results. 

Tool#1 Google ML Kit 

Google ML KitGoogle experts have built this machine learning tool for mobile app developers to create custom features for Android and IOS mobiles. As this technology is specially optimized for mobiles only, it is very easy to use. Google ML Kit comes with a diverse range of vision APIs such as barcode scanning, face detection, tracking and detecting objects, link building, image labeling, text recognition, pose detection, and many more.  

Tool#2 Infosys NIA 

Infosys NIAInfosys NIA is an AI-driven tool built-in 2017 by an India-based software development company named Infosys. With the help of this tool, software development companies can enable their clients to gather all kinds of organizational data from the business processes, technical and legal systems, records, individuals and store them into a self-learning database that is used to design further business strategies. The purpose of its development is to forecast market trends, sales, revenue generation, analyze customer behavior, and so on. Infosys NIA has enabled companies to manage their processes while efficiently serving their customers. 

Tool#3 IBM Watson

IBM WatsonWant to gain a competitive advantage with an intelligent business process? If your answer is yes then, IBM Watson is the perfect pick for it. Software development companies use this AI tool to empower your business-process and get the benefits of accelerated R&D, enriched interactions, scaling the technologies and expertise, anticipating market trends, risk mitigation, and so on. This Artificial intelligence technology has enabled business teams to focus on their high priority creative tasks. 

Tool#4 Tensorflow

TensorflowThis open-sourced math tool allows software development companies to design, develop, deploy, and experiment with counterfeit systems with high-volume data. Tensorflow is an AI-driven multi-layer computational tool that can do some deep learning calculation for research and production purposes. With additional advantages like robust machine learning, easy prototyping,  powerful experimentation, and being able to operate on any device, CPUs, and GPUs, it also has a disadvantage of having a longer learning curve. 

Tool#5 Accord.NET  

Accord.NETIt is an AI-driven framework that consists of machine learning technology to integrate the libraries with C# language. End-users have a wide range of choice because of its multiple layers. It is being used in software development services for its powerful features such as self-learning algorithms, signal processing, scientific computing, pattern recognition, computer vision, and so forth. 

Tool#6 H2O

H2OH2O is an AI-driven tool written in many programming languages like JAVA, Python, R, etc. It is developed to build mobile applications for machine learning, data analysis, risk analysis, customer intelligence, and predictive analysis. It is a cloud-based and Apache Hadoop supported database. Businesses could grow by deriving insights from the datasets of H2O. 

Tool#7 Mxnet 

Mxnet MxNet can render the software development company with an ecosystem that enables them to explore various tools and technologies to support the development process. Apart from being integrated into eight languages like scala, Julia, Clojure, C++, R, Java, and Pearl, it has an additional benefit of being scalable for training, research, production, and performance optimization. The MxNet tools and libraries can be extended to computer vision, NLP, and others. 

Tool#8 Deeplearning4J

Deeplearning4JBeing a machine learning technological tool written in Java and Scala language, DeepLearning4J is used in software development services for rapid prototyping. While built to fit in the micro-infrastructure, it could also run across the business system with distributed CPUs and GPUs. This AI-enabled tool supports AWS, Python, ScalaAPIs, Hadoop, and Java and offers a special toolkit for DevOps, data scientists, and data engineers. 

Tool#9 Google Assistant 

Google AssistantYes, it is one of the most common AI-driven tools and every smartphone in the world has it. This tool may seem common but it can support various languages of the world, Google Assistant can browse any detail at your command, set reminders, have a two-way conversation, schedule your meetings, and so forth. In short, this tool can be used to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the business team involved in the rendering of software development services.

Tool#10 Cortana 

CortanaCortana is a virtual assistant developed by Microsoft. Though it has many similarities with Google Assistant like supporting many languages, setting reminders, having conversations and all but the voice recognition feature is much more powerful. And the main advantages are that it can perform some specific human tasks too. So the software developers are using such virtual assistants to cope up with their daily less-productive tasks. 


Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are the results of coding and now, these same technologies are armed in powerful tools helping to make, compile, and strategize new codes. And we are seeing the results, AI and machine learning techniques which are currently practiced in the industry enable a software development service provider to deliver a high-end product that enhances the organizational efficiency, increases work productivity, and ultimately delivers outstanding results. 

It won’t be too much to say that shortly, we might get a chance to see some more powerful tools because software development companies nowadays are investing more and more in R&D of such fields. But for now, these tools are

working wonders in the software development industry and changing people’s lives for the better. What’s your opinion about it? Feel free to share right here in the comment section below. 

Author Bio:

Reena Maheshwari is an analyst in a Software app development company at Tatvasoft. She works with the development and sales team for the development of projects.

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