Influencers Interview With Rich Bialek – CEO at Global Technology Partners

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Rich Bialek

In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Rich Bialek – Chief Executive Officer at Global Technology Partners

Richard has a tremendous wealth of expertise in the payment card sector with a focus on prepaid which hr led at Visa. Rich is a visionary who has a pulse on the financial services industry and on emerging technology. He thinks very strategically, has the stamina and power to implement his ideas well.

Q1. Hey Mr. Rich Bialek, Tell Us About Your Role and Journey as a Chief Executive Officer at Global Technology Partners. What Made You Choose This Profession?

I have been interested in finance since my college days. I majored in Economics at Harvard College and then went on to concentrate in Finance at Harvard Business School. My admission to Harvard Business School was predicated on working for two years prior to starting the MBA program.

That was a very fateful and positive requirement for me. I gained a position at Citibank in their fast-growing credit card business. That initial job launched a 40 plus year career in payments and financial technology.

I love the combination of finance and technology and the rapid pace of change in the industry, which offers a constant set of challenging problems and opportunities to solve.

I also enjoy the global scale of the industry and the many countries I have lived in and traveled to as part of this career choice.

Q2. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill that you think you have as a Financial Services Leader?

The ability to take a new, disruptive business model and successfully bring it to market and grow it to profitability.

Q3. Would you like to Highlight, some of the Focus points on how to solve today’s Financial Business Challenges?

Surround yourself with a set of smart people who have an appetite to learn and achieve, give them clear goals and the tools they need to work towards achieving those goals. Be there for your team when they need help, whether it is more resources or a decision, or a sounding board.

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Q4. What are some of the strategies that you’ve often Followed Throughout the Years?

Rally your team around a common goal and then execute, execute in an iterative fashion so that you learn from mistakes and adjust quickly. You need a combination of speed with a shared goal.

Speed in an organization without a shared goal only leads to fast collisions. The speed with a clear shared goal leads to success.

Q5. What is Next for you?

Take my current company to the next level by supporting its evolution from a prepaid processing company to pay as a service enterprise. This change will enable GTP to reposition itself and take full advantage of the disruption and growth created by digital payment technology.

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