Interview With Peter Saridakis – CMO at Strategic Consulting Management

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Interview With Peter Saridakis

In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Peter Saridakis – CMO at Strategic Consulting Management.

Peter has hands-on experience in marketing, demand generation, growth, sales, and innovation and has been very knowledgeable and strategic in his marketing efforts. He is an outstanding T-E-A-M player who knows, how to balance business requirements with collective departmental and user needs.

1. Hey Peter Saridakis, Tell Us About Your Role and Journey at Strategic Consulting Management. What Made You Choose This Profession?

I have an extensive number of year’s experience in both global corporate and early-stage start-ups. I was responsible for innovation and product strategy while working for Fortune 50 companies so when I joined smaller startups I found myself in the same position I am in today at Strategic Consulting, helping cross-functional teams on go-to-market strategies.

I enjoy the consulting profession because I get to work with many companies and their respective teams on solving problems or implementing strategies for one type of growth initiative or another.

2. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill that you think you have as Chief Marketing Officer at Strategic Consulting Management?

My background has been one where I have been very analytical as well as able to see the bigger picture so at Strategic Consulting Mgt it was natural for me to bring these skill sets to clients.  Like many marketing initiatives, it’s important to have the right marketing mix but also to measure the results is equally as important.

From Customer Experience to Digital Transformation and Growth If you find yourself beginning to lose market share, the share of wallet or you would like to expand into different markets, you need to take a look at your existing marketing technology stack (MarTech) and overall growth strategy.

At Strategic Consulting Management we are experienced in marketing technology, omnichannel digital marketing, product innovation, and business development that brings strategic thinking to identify growth opportunities and to manage and expand your market share and product adoption.

We help generate new ideas and products, build business cases, negotiate and close 3rd party technology partnerships. We focus on the customer experience and customer journey, growing the footprint and the bottom line for our clients.

3. Would you like to highlight, some of the Focus points when building a brand and Marketing Plan.

First, you need to identify who your audience is and your competitors. Research their needs, likes behaviors to build accurate personas when reaching out to these potential prospects/customers.

Then, use the right marketing mix to reach them, including the right social channel mix ( FB, IG, Pinterest, etc…)

If you are using an email platform, make sure your lists and segmentation are well kept to run a clean drip campaign.

The rest is pretty much common sense for a marketing plan but remember when it comes to brand, your customers own your brand so make sure you monitor your social mentions to take care of any issues, etc. because this will affect your NPS (Net Promoter Score).

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4. What are some of the top Go-to-Market Strategies that you’ve often followed throughout the years?

As I mentioned before, you should have a clear definition of your target audience. This involves researching all the pieces; demographic, behavioral, geographical, and other insights that will help in narrowing down your targeting efforts. Furthermore, you’ll also need to create buyer personas and segment the ideal profiles that you want to target.

The clear value proposition of your product and/or service and the problem(s) they will solve or could even be for a better process/customer experience. Removing the friction is one we hear a great deal about.

Decide on an appropriate pricing strategy given the market, customers, and your competitor’s pricing.

How will you distribute your offering or product, will you leverage partnerships? Use VARs or have just a self-contained website to procure your services and products.

5. A few Takeaways on the top Factors that every Marketing Leader should keep in mind as they plan for growth, innovation.

Stay relevant and keep your focus on what you are bringing to the market is what is needed and not just nice to have. Think about what’s happening in the Insurtech and Fintech space that is not only needed but done in an innovative way leveraging mobile, telematics, crypto, blockchain, and so on.

6. What Next for you?

I am always excited about what might be around the corner for me given what I have done in several industries for many clients, so joining a company heading up their innovation and marketing growth strategy initiatives could be next for me. Time will tell.


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