6 Apps That Are Trending Due To COVID-19

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Almost all the countries around the globe have imposed lock-downs and self-quarantines. The majority of the population today has been confined to the safety of their homes, however, with nothing to do during Covid-19 self-isolation, people are resolving to apps and social media.

Several tech companies have reported a surge in the number of daily users. Some of these apps are designed to help track the virus many are purely for entertainment and health purpose. The majority of users are working from home and adapting to spending long periods between four walls.

Fortunately, several apps have been gaining increases popularity to curb boredom by keeping our minds and bodies active. Some of these apps can keep boredom at bay while keeping you mindful and healthy. Here are the best coronavirus-related apps to download:

COVID Symptom Tracker and Covid-19 Tracker

These apps are designed with the aim of slow down the spread of Covid-19 and identify risk cases as soon as possible. Uses can take a one-minute test to self-report their symptoms and update their information as symptoms change. Self-reporting symptoms can help researchers identify the speed at which the virus is spreading in a user’s area. They can also understand high-risk areas that are at risk by understanding symptoms linked to underlying health conditions.

The app also updates users with the latest news about the virus and engages them in real-time conversations with other users. These trackers allow users to self-report symptoms and reduce the rate of infection for others. If one of the users tests positive for the virus, the app itself will alert responsible authorities so users can seek medical care.

#1. Headspace

Headspace has been a popular app even before the time of the pandemic. The app can help find moments of solace even the chaos, it can even help you fall to sleep, and soothe your mind. If you haven’t already used this app then this is the best time to download it.

The mindfulness apps have hundreds of guided meditations sessions from managing stress to anxiety and sleep.

Headspace App even has SOS sessions for moments of panic or stress. It also features live animations to teach users new skills, a move mode to facilitate cardio and workouts, and a sleep feature.

It has full guided training sessions led by former monk and mindfulness expert. It has been regularly recommended by therapists to aid with counseling. Furthermore, this app also enables users to keep a private journal and monitor daily moods and activities for free.

In its journal, it offers other features such as adding notes, colors, and emojis to help communicate and reflect moods, set reminders to prompt entries, create goals, build new habits, and turn on a PIN lock. These features focus on improving mindset and monitoring moods over days, weeks, and months.

#2. Houseparty

Humans are social animals and today out progress is a result of social interaction. Quarantines and self-isolation have justified us confines to the four walls of our house.

Many people are struggling because of not having face-to-face interactions with friends. Houseparty App is a must-download for such people as it is a social networking app where users can connect with friends and family through video chats.

This app offers several features such as alerts if when others are ‘in the house’ to enable users to strike up a conversation instantly. Users can chat with up to eight friends simultaneously which is perfect for those annoyed by Whatsapp’s and FaceTime’s four-person limit.

#3. Moodpath

Moodpath is a perfect app for those people who want to keep a tab on their thoughts and emotions during Covid-19.

The app provides several features to assess your mental health such as by answering daily questions about physical and emotional well-being, sharing those assessments with mental health professionals, and so much more.

Its mood tracker can be used to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. It also offers several practice modes of CBT with written and audio exercises.

#4. Zoom

Lockdowns have led to the temporary closing of offices and workspaces. Employees have retreated to work from home. Nevertheless, the progress of businesses depends on the collaboration of the employees.

Zooms App are proving video conferencing platforms for such businesses to collaborate and share ideas.

This app allows multiple people to join meetings in real-time with colleagues. The app doesn’t even require any payment or purchase of service for small scale businesses.

It can also be used for online classrooms and video calls with friends and family. Its features include screen share screen, background customization, and several others.

#5. Freedom

Quarantines and lockdowns have been negatively impacting many people. Freedom app is perfect for those people who are getting increasingly sick of news updates about coronavirus.

This app lets users set their daily limits on most android devices. It also enables them to block distractions on other devices as well to improve the relationship with technology.

The app’s makers have said that its users report gaining two and a half hours of productive time each day. It was all possible because of its several features to help fight distraction and technology addiction.

Uses can start by turning off notification noises, setting a lock mode, blocking the internet, and scheduling blocks to help them focus on productive habits.


The rise of technology has led us to far and near places, however, now that we are confines in our homes technology can still rescue us. Technology is offering us several ways to overcome this crisis and led a healthy life. These apps have gained immense popularity among people as they can not only help lead a better life during quarantine but after that too.

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