Xbox Cloud Gaming is Now Powered by Xbox Series X Hardware

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Microsoft has now powered its Xbox Cloud Gaming service (xCloud) with custom Xbox Series X hardware. Recently, Microsoft completed the upgrade to improve both game load time and framerates for players streaming Xbox games over the web.  

In recent months, despite moving Xbox Cloud Gaming to 1080p and 60fps streams, the software giant is yet to unlock its full potential of custom Xbox Series X hardware to deliver 4K streams.

We are still unclear as to when will this be available, however they have plans to move towards delivering Xbox Cloud beyond browsers and mobile devices.  

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Currently, the giant is working on a dedicated Xbox app for TVs. This will allow players to stream Xbox games without a console.

They are also planning standalone devices that can be plugged into a TV or monitor, and now it’s reasonable to assume that further upgrades to the Xbox Cloud Gaming resolution are coming.  

Xbox Gaming started as a way to play games on mobile devices, however with time and its upcoming integration into the TVs, it’s already started to becoming more than a mobile offering. 

Microsoft is also planning Xbox integration into its new Xbox web store which will start rolling out soon.   

Recently, Microsoft expanded into Xbox Cloud Gaming to Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan. This came shortly after the company completed its custom Xbox Series X hardware upgrade.

Now, xCloud tech is available in 26 countries, and the company has hinted at “new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass.” So naturally, we are expecting to see additional tiers to provide access to Xbox Cloud Gaming soon. 

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