WhatsApp’s App For Desktop Now Has Voice and Video Calls  

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Today, WhatsApp has announced that its desktop app for PC and Mac is getting voice and video calling offerings. These new features are end-to-end encrypted with the other WhatsApp users for both computers and mobile devices.  

However, we should remember that voice and video calling isn’t a new idea for the company as the mobile apps are already offering the feature. WhatsApp started to roll out the calling feature for the desktop at the end of last year only to a small group of users.   

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However, the launch means that these features are now available to every single WhatsApp user on the desktop. The company has thus made calling a more ubiquitous feature across all WhatsApp devices.  

The new desktop calling is the same as end-to-end encryption as the existing video calling feature. This means that both WhatsApp and Facebook will not be able to see or hear any calls.  

Besides, the new feature launch has one biggest missing feature that is the desktop app will only support one-to-one calling. The desktop app will not support any group calls.   

The company, however, has promised that it’ll be expanding to include support for group voice and video calls.  

If you want to use or try out Whatsapp’s new video calling feature, you’ll have to set up the WhatsApp desktop app. This is the same for both Mac and PC. This requires you already be a WhatsApp user on mobile.   

Once installed on the computer, users will be able to scan a QR code to log in to the desktop app. After scanning the code, they will be able to use the desktop version of WhatsApp.  


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