Microsoft and Shell Announce New Partnership To Reduce Carbon Emissions By Utilizing AI

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Microsoft and Shell have announced a major partnership with an aim to combine Shell’s expertise in clean energy with Microsoft’s expertise in cutting-edge technology.

This partnership between the two will result in numerous initiatives to reduce carbon footprints some of them are helping Microsoft become carbon neutral by 2025 and develop safer working environments.

So far the project has involved Microsoft’s AI specialists teaming with Shell data scientists.They are currently focusing on probing areas of operation where cooperation will have a huge impact. They have developed 47 separate applications that are designed to reduce the carbon footprint in energy production.

Microsoft’s Azure platform is responsible for handling the data storage and compute workload. They are planning to put insights and efficiencies gained in operation to work in other areas of business.

Huibert Vigeveno, Microsoft’s executive vice president for worldwide commercial business, says “I think it’s fair to say that both of our organizations have very bold climate ambitions. We both want to be net-zero, but collectively we believe we can play a role in the energy transition.”

“This is not something you can do alone, but you need to do with partners and going sector by sector. So, this [partnership] will not just bring value to our organizations but our customers around the world.”

The aim of both companies is to roll out the technology based on the sector. They have already recognized that while it may serve customers in industries, the needs of specific industries will be very different.

Shell has been driven by tech from day one. The foundation of its business over a hundred years back was breakthroughs in exploration. Partnering with Microsoft will give it access to expertise and world-class infrastructure across all fields of IT.

Likewise, the partnership will also help Microsoft meet its emission targets and lower the costs of operations in its global network of data centers. Collaborating with Shell will enormously help in implementing renewables other changes into its operations.

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