Google Pixels Might Get a New Face-based Auto-Rotate with Android 12 Around the Corner  

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We have recently learned that the new Pixel phone range might gain a new face-based option for Auto-Rotate with the launch of the Android 12 Developer Preview.  

Today, in all Pixel phones as well as other android devices, users can enable display orientation so it can rotate to match their device’s orientation. For instance, in an application like YouTube, when a user requires portrait mode, they can simply turn their device to one side to maximize the video.  

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While this is an amazing feature, however, some disadvantages come along with it. Let’s take a case, we are in the habit of using our phones in bed despite the effort of Google’s Digital Wellbeing. But if you have display orientation on and lay on your side, both your head and your phone will turn along with you. We might all experience it as a mismatch between how humans act and what phones expect.   

With today’s Auto-Rotate, your phone will automatically go into landscape mode even when you want it to stay in portrait. With Android Pie, phones will gain a handy button that will allow you to voluntarily rotate the display that appears when your phone is turned to the side.   

This will be a bonus for us all as you will have control of where and where your phones Are rotated while laying on their sides. You will be able to simply use this button when you need to rotate the screen.  

Android 12 will bring an optional of Auto-Rotating to Pixel phones with the face. In essence, phones will use the front-facing camera to detect if anyone is looking at the screen.  

The technology behind this is similar to the face-shape-recognition capabilities such as Snapchat and Google Duo. This camera-based check will happen entirely on your device for obvious privacy reasons.  

This new face-based version of Auto-Rotate might be launched in a broader Android 12 feature. However, in the short term, we believe it to be exclusively for Pixel phones.   

Alternatively, similar to previous instances features will be spotted in newer versions of Android, and face-based Auto-Rotate could arrive as part of a Pixel Feature Drop. 

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