Google Moves Towards more Personalized Search Results with The Help of AI

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In a bid to enhance user experience and provide more personalized search results. Google has announced plans to integrate AI chat and video clips into its search engine platform. This move aims to revolutionize the way users interact with search results. It’ll also make information retrieval more dynamic and engaging.
Google’s new approach involves leveraging artificial intelligence to create conversational chatbots that provide users with real-time assistance and information. These AI chatbots will understand user queries in a more intuitive manner, allowing for a natural and interactive search experience.

This new approach will make Google searches feel like a conversation, enabling custom responses for your specific query intent.

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In a report from the Wall Street Journal, internal sources from Google said that the company would push its service further away from its conventional structure, which is also known as the ‘10 blue links’. This current search strategy is creates in such a way that the search engine will satisfactorily answer the queries within 10 search results.

In this new version, users don’t have to keep scrolling about what they need. But now it will give them a much more presentable ‘visual, snackable, personal, and human’ response. Although it appears to be a pragmatic shift away from the traditional internet way, it’ll probably appeal to younger searchers.
Also, it appears that Google has acknowledged that people are increasingly turning to other apps for information. Thanks to the overwhelmingly increasing number of pages and content on the internet.


As Google continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies, users can look forward to a future where their search queries are met with dynamic conversations and enriched visual content. The integration of AI chat and video clips signifies another step towards a more intuitive and personalized search experience, solidifying Google’s position as a frontrunner in the digital landscape.

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