Google To Unveil PaLM 2, and Bard Advancements in Tomorrow’s Google I/O 2023

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Google prepares to make some momentous announcements at tomorrow’s (10th May) Google I/O 2023 conference. It’ll showcase the company’s latest innovations, and there’s a bunch of AI headlines that the tech giant plans to dominate. Google revealed its plans to introduce PaLM 2, an advanced general-use large language model at the conference. But that’s not just it, Google will also unveil significant advancements to its AI chatbot Bard.

What We Know About PaLM 2, So Far

Building upon the success of its predecessor, PaLM 1, PaLM 2 promises to enhance language understanding and generation. To do so, Google has bolstered it with expanded vocabulary, improved contextual comprehension, and heightened accuracy.

According to sources, PaLM 2, is going to support more than 100 languages. Additionally, Google has also conducted a wide range of coding and math examinations and tests of creative writing.

This is a strong stride towards Google’s ambitions in leading the AI space.

What We Know About PaLM 2, So Far

Google’s AI Chatbot Bard Gets Upgrades

Google will also unveil exciting advancements to Bard. The upgrades to the AI Chatbot will enhance its narrative capabilities. This will enable captivating stories, realistic dialogue, and assistance for users in crafting compelling written material across various domains.

The upgrades come at a time when Google and Microsoft are vying for first place in this AI race. With the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s aggressive AI initiatives, Google swiftly moved to attempt and integrate its Bard technology. After all, it stands as the frontrunner in search engines and AI, and they’d like to keep it that way.


The Google I/O conference serves as the ideal platform for unveiling these ground-breaking developments. The event attracts developers, enthusiasts, and industry leaders from around the world, all eager to witness Google’s latest innovations first-hand. Beyond the language models and generative experiences, we expect to see a range of other technological advancements and initiatives from Google.

Tune in again for our coverage of tomorrow’s Google I/O 2023 conference!

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