Are you an iPhone user? You can get Apple’s Beats Flex earbuds for free! Learn how.  

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If you are an iPhone user, you can get Apple’s Beats Flex earbuds for free! As surprised as you are, the offer is genuine and is launched by Apple. However, there are certain criteria that you would require to fulfill to avail yourself of the offer.   

Currently, Apple is giving away a free pair of Beats Flex earbuds. iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 owners, you can win FREE Apple Beats Flex earphones. However, the tech giant has designated certain criteria and requirements to become eligible for the offer. Although it is not that easy, you would only need to fulfill two conditions. Let us find out what these conditions are.   


Apple’s Offers for Beats Flex Earbuds 

There is an amazing offer running for all iPhone owners. If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 or any of the older models, you can avail yourself of a pair of Apple’s Beats Flex earbuds for free of cost. However, getting your hands on them is not that easy. This is because Apple needs you to abide by certain regulated criteria and regulations in order to claim the ongoing offer. There are two conditions, as of now.  

The biggest condition is that you will have to be a registered student at any of the universities in the United States or the United Kingdom. Normally, Beats Flex is sold for around $70. But students who complete a new Apple Music trial and then pay for the first month will receive a free pair of earbuds. The offer was first spotted by a Twitter user on the microblogging platform. The offer read:   

You will only become eligible for the free Beats Flex earphones upon making your first monthly payment for your Apple Music student subscription (i.e., you will not become eligible during your free trial). If you cancel your subscription during your free offer period, you will not be eligible for this offer.”  

Criteria to avail the offer 

The headphones will only be sent out upon your first monthly payment for Apple Music – so if you cancel during the free trial, you won’t receive them. If you meet the criteria, it’s a fantastic offer seeing as you already get a student discount for Apple Music, which makes it £5.99 per month. You have to redeem it through Unidays, which verifies that you’re a student. Apple also says that the special promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.  

To summarize the offer, you can avail the earbuds for free by meeting the following criteria/requirements:  

      • Only available to students registered with a university in the UK or US.  
      • Must be a new subscriber to Apple Music (if you’ve already got it or had it in the past, this rules you out)  
      • You cannot just subscribe to the free trial to claim the headphones and then cancel  

About Beats Flex Earbuds 

Beats Flex features a battery life of up to 12 hours and also packs Apple’s W1 chip for instant device pairing and switching. They’re magnetic as well, ensuring that the two earbuds stick together when not being used. An inline remote also handles things like playing and pausing as well as skipping, etc.  

Unfortunately, Apple isn’t saying when this deal is going to end so students who don’t have an Apple Music subscription already really ought to check this out sooner rather than later. Those looking to take advantage of this offer should act now — there is no telling when this deal will end, with Apple simply saying that it will run for a limited time.  


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