Scam Alert! New WhatsApp Campaign Promises Free Visa and Job in the UK.

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WhatsApp scams have become a mainstream advent in this new age of digitalization. In the past, various users have reported several phishing campaigns. Currently, a new WhatsApp scam has surfaced that promises free work visas for those willing to move to the UK for work. Let us find out more about the new phishing scam.  

 New phishing campaign promising jobs in the UK 

WhatsApp’s new phishing campaign is currently scamming users. The new scam is targeted especially at those who want to work in the UK. It offers a free visa and other benefits to individuals who are willing to move to the UK for work. Reportedly, the new WhatsApp scam is claiming to be a message from the UK government itself. Users have reported receiving messages in which they are being told that the country currently needs over 132,00 additional workers in 2022 and hence, the government is running a recruitment drive with more than 186,000 vacant job spots available.  

According to reports by Malwarebytes, WhatsApp users are reportedly receiving messages on their mobile app, offering a free visa and other benefits, especially for the ones who are willing to move to the UK for work. This scam involves sending messages to WhatsApp users and telling them that the UK needs over 132,000 additional workers in 2022, and so the government is running a recruitment drive, with over 186,000 vacant job spots available. 

If a user clicks on it, they are served a fraudulent domain, masquerading as a UK Visas and Immigration website. Moreover, foreigners are being asked to “apply for thousands of jobs already available in the United Kingdom”. 

Moreover, the report further claims that the scam sends  

THE PROGRAM COVERS: Travel expense. Housing. Accommodation. Medical facilities. Applicants must be 16 years or above. Can speak basic English.  

BENEFIT OF THE PROGRAM: Instant work permit. Visa application assistance. All nationalities can apply. Open to all individuals and students who want to work and study. Apply here.” 


WhatsApp-by-Facebook-stock-imagePrevent yourself from the WhatsApp scam 

The messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted. As a result, it becomes difficult to trace the fraudsters. However, the easiest and best way to avoid such scams is to ignore such information-laden, convincing messages that talk about you getting a job in a foreign country or getting a huge amount of money and more. 

In short, such big-promising scams aim to gather users’ personal information. These include their names, email addresses, phone numbers, marital status, and employment status. The report also claims that the free application form is automatically ‘approved,’ and victims are told that they “will be given a work permit, visa, plane tickets and accommodation in the UK for free,” which is not at all true but a scam. 

Commenting on the circulating scam fiasco, Malwarebytes said: “All in all, this is yet another ‘if it’s too good to be true’ escapade and should be avoided.” This is absolutely not the first time a scam has been circulated on the mobile messaging app. Recently, a WhatsApp KBC scam was also circulated on the app that was offering users a lottery amount of Rs. 25 lakhs. 


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