Microsoft Teams Releases New Update to fix Calling Bug for Android

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Microsoft Teams has finally fixed a dangerous bug, reported by Android Police, that prevents users from calling 911. 

Mishaal Rahman, the senior technical editor at Esper, said in his analysis on Medium that Microsoft has corrected the issue in an update for the Microsoft Teams app. 

Initially, the bug was discovered by a user on Reddit when trying to call 911 from their Pixel 3. This, at that time, prompted an explanation from Google. The company clarified that the issue was triggered by an “unintended interaction” between the Teams app and the Android OS.  

Besides, the issues only affect users running their devices on Android 10 or later versions and aren’t signed into their installed Teams app. The company on their part has advised all Android 10 or above users to uninstall Teams anyway. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want to uninstall Teams, then you can simply fix this issue by updating your app as soon as you can.  

Rahman further noted that the 1416/ version will resolve the issue, which was building a duplicate PhoneAccount class in the Android OS. 

 The new updated version, according to Rahman, doesn’t create duplicate PhoneAccount instances. Additionally, it also clears previously-built instances when launched.  

Google has plans to issue an Android update on January 4th to help fix anything wrong on its own end. Updated the latest version of Microsoft Teams from the Google Play Store. 

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