Snapchat Set to Introduce New Generative AI Tool With ‘Dreams’

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Snapchat is getting ready to venture into the world of generative AI technologies. This news comes following Snapchat’s introduction of its chatbot ‘My AI’ earlier this year. The ‘My AI’ chatbot can provide visual responses with Images in addition to text. Indicating that Snapchat’s AI can be the next big thing for Social Media Platforms.

Snapchat is now experimenting with AI images with its next generative AI tool named ‘Dreams’. But soon, those photographs might include you and your friends in imaginative surroundings.

Snapchat ‘My AI’

The app made headlines in April when it revealed that the ‘My AI’ function would be available to all users worldwide. Essentially, removing the need for a paid subscription to access it.

The business’s decision targets ChatGPT’s capabilities as they are integrated within the app and want to make this feature free for all.

Personalization of user answers through ‘My AI’ created encounters that resembled chats with friends. These interactions included suggestions for vacation destinations, lens ideas, and helpful text-based chat responses. The chatbot was created to provide instantaneous responses akin to human-like interactions and was built using OpenAI’s GPT technology.

The New Features of Snapchat’s Upcoming Generative AI

Steve Moser is an app researcher and developer. According to him, the company has been working on features that will let Snapchat users capture or upload selfies that will enable the program to make new pictures of you in different scenarios. This sounds comparable to features seen in other AI photo apps available on the App Store.

Instead, according to Moser’s research, Dreams envisions a way to use AI-generated selfies to put pictures of you in fantastic places and scenarios. Snapchat would need clean selfies to work with. Not the ones with other people in them or ones where your features are hidden. Users will receive advice from the program on how to take better AI images by using a variety of viewpoints, facial expressions, and lighting conditions.

Snapchat Dreams with Friends

The company is also working on a feature called ‘Dreams with Friends’ where users may authorize their friends to produce these AI images that feature them. In addition to enabling you to enter these AI Dreams, this function is also under development.

Dream Packs are mentioned in the Snapchat app, which further suggests that this feature may someday be a monetizable option.

Is it Worth the Hype?

Maybe or maybe not! But one thing is for sure, the industry is getting familiar with AI instead of neglecting it. If Snapchat pulls this off, it would be an industry game-changer. Also, it would give users new ways to create/generate snaps. AI is changing the world, but it is unclear if it is for good or bad.

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