Sectigo has Announced the Launch of Secure Partner Program   

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Today, Sectigo, digital identity management, and web security solutions provider has launched its new Secure Partner Program. This will further boost the company’s commitment to secure more than 1,200 partners worldwide.  

In the program, partners will gain myriad benefits which include advancing their ability to build new capabilities, access to the new Sectigo Connect Partner Portal, deliver more value to customers, accelerate growth, and drive higher profits in today’s cybersecurity market. 

In the new program, partners are tiered based on engagement level this means that the organizations within the program will align their own business goals.  

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Besides, partners that are registered in the new program will also receive access to training and accreditation programs. Both will help them improve their support effectiveness and sales 

Other than these benefits, Sectigo’s new program has another added financial incentive. Under this comes a new partner pricing model and dedicated Marketing Development Funds (MDF). 

Sectigo will reward accredited partners who grow their sales with more incentives for their business and employees.

Michael Fowler, President of Channel Partners in Sectigo“Partners play a crucial role in Sectigo’s growth and success. The new Secure Partner Program enables partners to grow with us and to build a rewarding business around our suite of industry-leading web security products.

We’ve designed our program to enable success and provide the opportunity for better profitability.

Michele Campbell, Vice President of Global Channel Programs at Sectigo, said The COVID-19 pandemic and increasing amount of cyberattacks have led to a substantial increase in web security issues for our partners’ customers.  

“Our new Secure Partner Program aims to tackle the obstacles in the world of web security while helping our partners expand their portfolio beyond the CA market and increase their average deal size.

Partners can unlock their full potential with Sectigo and the Secure Partner Program benefits when they include Sectigo’s Web Security Platform solutions in their portfolio.”

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