Sensory Introduced Voice User Interface (VUI) Creation Platform for Developers 

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Sensory, a vision, and voice biometrics technology firm has introduced VoiceHub, a fast and flexible voice user interface (VUI) creation platform. This platform is specifically launched for developers to implement voice technologies.   

For virtually any application, the online tool will allow clients to customize and design voice interfaces using TrulyNatural, the company’s AI vocabulary speech recognition solution.  

VoiceHub allows developers to create customized VUI solutions to utilize the TrulyNatural NLU repository. Developers require no programming experience.   

In October, the company first unveiled a new solution that allows clients to add language recognition and support.  

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Todd Mozer, Sensory CEO lauded the new solution, “Providing free access to flexible tools like VoiceHub helps to accelerate the next wave of branded voice experiences and domain-specific, customized voice assistants.”   

“Since releasing the VoiceHub beta in October, VUI designers around the world have used it to create hundreds of voice AI models for dozens of automotive, wearable, smart speaker, and smart home products.”   

“Our new large vocabulary and NLU capabilities will unlock enhanced VUI functionality with intents and entities. This empowers designers to develop more complex and truly conversational voice interfaces with the capability of handling millions of unique phrases.”  

Before the platform’s official release, Sensory allowed some of its partners to try the platform and one such partner is STMicroelectronics.  

The company has promised that the platform is efficient and intuitive as developers can create test files of their NLU model within one hour.  

Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director at STMicroelectronics Microcontroller, stated “ST customers truly appreciate the working relationship we have with Sensory, whose technology always delivers on its accuracy and performance promises.

By adding VoiceHub to the menu of Sensory technologies accessible to our STM32 Discovery Board customers, developers can design working prototypes of natural language-capable products in a manner of minutes, not days, dramatically reducing their time to market.” 

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