IBM Designs News Processor Chip To Handle Thrice The Workload Than Any of Its Predecessor

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On Monday, International Business Machines Corp (IBM) announced a new processor chip for data centers. The company says that with the new chips they will be able to handle three times the workload in comparison to its predecessor.

Power10 chip designed by IBM will be manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. The chip is made to be used by businesses inside data centers, IBM said.

Furthermore, the new processor chip will use Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process. This is a similar process to 7-nanometer technology. Till now, chips for Advanced Micro Devices Inc were made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC).

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Today, Intel Corp is the dominant chip provider for the central processor in data centers. IBM and AMD use outside chip factories to compete against Intel Corp. They have becomes one of the very few players that both design and manufactures their own chips.

Recently, Intel Corp said that its next generation of manufacturing technology is facing delays. Analysts now believe that it will allow its rivals to gain considerable market share in its absence.

Three of the world’s top-ten fastest supercomputers using IBM’s chips. The company has always focused on high-performance computing systems. On Monday, the company said that the Power10 chip has been designed with the aim to increase the speed of AI computing tasks than its predecessor. These chips will be able to do work up to 20 times faster than any of its previous generation chips.

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