Introducing Google Maps Immersive View & 2 Other Major Updates

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Google Maps Immersive View- Peek Inside a City with the Comfort of Your Home! 

Google’s Immersive View Update for Google Maps introduces an exciting AI-powered feature that allows users to explore the interiors of buildings, restaurants, and cafes in 3D. Developed using neural radiance fields (NeRF) technology by Google 

Immersive View provides a visually immersive experience, enabling users to explore locations in four new cities and over 500 additional landmarks. 

Users can also experience different times of day and weather conditions for a more realistic exploration.

Google Maps Immersive View


How to Operate Immersive View on Google Maps?

Open Google Maps and look for a well-known structure, such as Big Ben in London or St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, to see if it exists. When supported landmarks are nearby, a card with the words “Immersive View” will appear on the left. Tap it to begin your exploration. Tap on Time & Weather and move the bottom slider to the left or right to view how the area appears during various times of day or weather.   We may plan by using the time slider to check the weather and how busy it will be at various times of the day.   

This month, glanceable directions will be out, allowing you to track the progress of your trip 

Google Map Glanceable Directions


Additionally, Google Maps will soon introduce glanceable directions, available on iOS and Android worldwide. With glanceable instructions, users can track the progress of their trip without the need for detailed directions or AR navigation. We can simply ask for directions to their location and commence your journey, updated ETAs and turn-by-turn directions will be displayed. Glanceable directions offer a convenient way to monitor the journey from the lock screen or route overview.  

Organize your travel plans with Google Maps ‘Recent highlights’

Google Maps 'Recent highlights'


Keeping track of all the locations We want to see throughout our vacation is one of the most challenging aspects of planning, especially if we’re travelling to different cities.  

How to Implement Recent Highlights on Your Desktop

Google created recent on desktop specifically to assist with that. When we launch maps, it automatically groups the locations we have researched into a useful highlight on the left side of our screen. We’ll now Will have to save locations in our recent highlights even after we close our Google maps window, so we can take a break from planning and return to it later without ever losing your progress, thanks to new upgrades that Will be made available internationally next month. We can delete previously visited locations and arrange numerous journeys. We can delete locations we’ve visited, schedule multiple trips simultaneously, and share a list of locations with our travel partner to receive their opinion. Once we’ve decided on our destination, then we’ll have to select three or more locations, and click “directions,” and Google maps Will specifically design an exclusive route that stops at each location we’ve specified and store it to our recent. 


In conclusion, Google’s Immersive View update for Google Maps transfigures virtual exploration, allowing users to wander into 3D interiors of iconic landmarks and Cities.  

The introduction of glanceable directions simplifies tracking progress without detailed instructions or Augmented Reality navigation. 

For desktop users, ‘Recent Highlights’ assists in organizing travel plans, saving locations, and sharing lists. These updates in future will be of great help to all the nomads who wish to organize their travel plans. 

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