Apple's AI Race to Feature Prominently at the WWDC2024
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Apple’s AI Race to Feature Prominently at the WWDC2024

Apple is convening its yearly World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week. The WWDC2024 event is expected to signal the Apple AI race. According to AP News, Apple’s late entrance into the tech frontier is also expected to be revolutionary like its iPhone invention.

As Apple enters the AI race, there are several big main things we can expect in WWDC2024.

These updates feature revamped Siri, new Apple Photos features, and improved Mail. The week-long event is being held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. It will feature a mix of in-person and online events.

Lagging Behind

In recent times, concerns about Apple being left behind in generative AI have been rife. These concerns have prompted its CEO, Tim Cook, to comment on future plans and promise big things. In May of this year, he said the tech giant would ‘break new ground’ in generative AI.

“We believe it will unlock transformative opportunities for our users,” Cook said.

Many expect Apple’s announcements at WWDC2024 to be groundbreaking. Already, there are hints that the company will be making big promises to developers. It’s expected that Apple will give highlights on how generative AI will impact future iOS.

There have been rumors about Apple’s large language models. Reports have suggested that the company is exploring Gemini integration with iOS in meetings with Google. If this happens, it will be a win for Google. It would place the Gemini model in two operating systems. Combined, the two systems control 96% of the mobile operating model.

Most recent reports point to possible partnerships between Apple and Open AI.


The purpose of WWDC2024 is to showcase Apple’s latest updates for developers. The company is expected to display AI as embedded in Apple products, including the iPhone.

Apple’s next generation software is also expected to carry AI features that will make it smarter. Users can expect Siri, Apple’s revamped virtual assistant, to be more intuitive. It will give users more productive and entertaining experiences.

Apple’s macOS will not lag behind. Most iOS updates will find their way here. These include updates on Safari, Calculator, Notes, and Siri. Apple’s office applications are expected to enjoy generative AI upgrades too.

In keeping with its secretive nature, the tech giant has not released much detail about the event. However, its CEO indicated that the company will be revealing grand plans for Apple’s artificial intelligence race.

Light on Hardware

Apple unveils hardware updates at WWDC events. Last year, the company previewed its headset during the annual event. There are suggestions that this year’s event could be devoid of hardware updates.

This move could be because the company hosted another event, one month before the WWDC. During this event, Apple introduced new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. AI played a minor role in the event. This is why, WWDC2024 will be heavy on Apple’s AI race and very light on hardware.

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