Applications of Big Data

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Big Data Applications

The main purpose of big data applications is to analyze large amounts of data and make better decisions for the business. Big data is used in many fields, some of them are as follows:-

Healthcare (in the field of health) –


Healthcare is one such area in which a lot of data is generated. Earlier this data could not be used. But now the days are gone when health practitioners could not use it.

Big data has been used to detect Ebola, correct cancer and do much more. And in the coming times, this will also be used to make the vaccine for coronavirus.

Big data has gained a lot in the field of medicine and researchers have seen some life-saving results through it.

Researchers are also creating personalized medicines through big data and analytics, and data analysts are using this data to develop more and more effective treatments.

government (in government) –


Big data analytics has proved to be very useful in the government sector. It had a major contribution to the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012. And it was also very useful for the BJP of 2019.

The government of India uses many techniques to find out what voters think about the actions of the government and at the same time uses big data to improve policies.

In social media –


The data of social media is very much. And by analyzing it, any company can be successful. With this, we can know about the nature of the user and can also know which product is running in the market nowadays and which product is going to be in demand in the coming time.

Social media can provide us with important real-time information and can also inform the market trends.

With the help of this information, companies can change their price, promotion and campaign accordingly and better decisions can be taken by knowing the mentality of the consumer through the data of social media.

In call centre –


In the call centre, it is used to identify the behaviour patterns of customers and employees and to know the problems that have happened. Along with this, it is also used to capture and process call content.

In cyber security and intelligence –


In America, computer network security is being improved by analyzing large data sets. For this, the security agency collects and analyzes the data from social media and satellites.

In predicting and preventing crime –


By using Big Data, the police department can understand the behaviour of the criminal, identify crime patterns and prevent crime from happening.

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