The future of big data: 5 predictions from experts for 2022-2025

What is big data? And why do we need it?

Big Data is defined as a huge and complex amount of data sets having different types of valuable information. but this massive amount of data can’t be stored, processed, and analyzed using traditional database management tools. Research has shown that every single day there are millions of data sources generating around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data which are either structured [information that can easily categorize and search] or unstructured [not well organized assume video content, blog posts, written emails, and other sources of information that don’t have relevance] For this purpose, Big data experts can use this information to improve business decisions across industries, including Lead generation, healthcare, government, and finance. To sum up, it’s used to assume the needs of the customer, and to fulfill them by all means.

How big is data important in the digital world?

It is well said that knowledge is power and in IT companies informational Data is power, without a systematic arrangement, nothing in a business works it’s like wasting time and effort. Big Data provides precise information about what users are searching for. Big Data analyses the need of users in real-time. It is well said that having a complete plan of what to do and what not allows companies to beat their competitors and achieve their desired goals.

Future of big data in the business universe.

We are surrounded by the digital world, and we can’t do anything about it but instead of just being in the unimaginable past we can explore our view of the future. Many experts assume that big data is a sort of new energy that will embrace the willpower of human lives and will make the business world a better place. Big Data works like the more data a company collects and processes through it, gets the better its chances to compete. It’s not a secret you can easily see Big Data provides education, health care, stock marketing, aviation, marketing, machine learning, and much more. This gives you an idea that big data helps the user or the lead to get the proper amount of information in no time.

Future of big data in e-commerce.

There is no future without big data because if we observe properly human lives are getting used to artificial intelligence, social media, trends. big data plays an important role in eCommerce. It makes it easy to gain information that is rich and readily available but this is just the beginning. it’s more important to be well aware of commercial insights that help the company grow in the proper direction.

If we talk about a particular country let’s take an example of India research has shown that the Indian analytical industry will eliminate approximately US$16 billion by 2025. A recent study shows that from 2021 to 2026 the industry will grow at a CAGR of 35.1% which is an impressive outcome. One more thing which is good news 95% of IT companies are planning to hire new staff who have significant knowledge of Big Data in the future. It is well said that following the trend helps us to sustain our lifestyle but it is more important to be wise enough to understand the trend first. Big Data is a spectacular field to move into in the future because it’s going to last for so many years.

Big data predictions

We all have this question will big data lose its fame???

Big Data’s popularity is at its peak but in the future, its popularity won’t fade that easily because its need is increasing day by day and the salary offered is often very high. there are so many opportunities across the world in several domains. thus, it is inevitable that big data will lose its popularity the only thing that’s going to increase is the demand for growth and learning in new fields. To be honest, is no longer a future thing, it is being used globally, but yes, we will explore different types of big data technologies or tools and will surely see the positive effects on business. In the modern era, the current demand for big data is increased in several fields like the automotive industry, software development, and eCommerce, among many other spheres.

Every single person from the IT field is talking about Big Data about 48% of companies have invested in Big Data in 2016 and three-quarters have planned to invest in Big Data. These days every single company uses data-driven decisions. Ultimately it seems to look like Big data is going to increase and increase.

Top 5 Big Data technologies in the Modern era.

1. AI

The major difference between Ai and Big Data is that big data is raw information that needs to be well structured, differentiate properly, and integrated before implementation, while artificial intelligence is the intelligence that results from the processed data and has a structure. AI enables smarter decision-making by considering all important aspects of the business. big data also has a crucial role in modern-day enterprises. The combination of AI and big data is like proper management for securing Business.

2. SQL-based Technologies

The structured query language is a computer language that is used to create structured data or manage the stored data. A wider range of technologies is present that can be used for designing and developing modern applications. You can represent specific methods for accumulating and retrieving data, which would be further deployed in future web apps and Big Data analytics tools.  MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra are some of the most popular NoSQL databases in the market.

3. R-programing

R Programing is open-source software for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Core Team and the R Foundation for Statistical Computing Gentleman, R is used among data miners and statisticians for data analysis and development of statistical software. To be precise you can add languages like C, C++, java, python, etc.

4. Data lakes

Big Data is just a large amount of data that’s it. DATA LAKE A data lake is a storehouse for Big Data. It stores data of all types i.e., structured, unstructured, and semi-structured, that has been collected from various sources. Organizations that take advantage of these big data technologies can better respond to opportunities and advance their growth through active involvement and informed decisions.

5. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a sub-category of big data analytics which assumes future events or behaviors based on past information

It includes :

  1. Machine learning
  2. Data modeling
  3. Statistical and mathematical modeling

How to enhance our skills in big data?

Taking advantage of Big data is the most important aspect of any IT company. Studying the previous information and arranging then in a proper manner is an art and can be beneficial in the future for the next generation. You can easily get interview questions from top recruiters, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. You can also earn additional certifications in Data Science, Data Structures, and Algorithms. This proves that you are good enough to work in any desired organization.