How Businesses Can Utilize Big Data For Social Media Marketing?

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Businesses are growing rapidly and so is big data. It has significantly transformed the way businesses operate. It has the potential to save both time and money for the business as analytics allows for improved ad targeting. It has changed the way people work and impacted multiple sectors including retail, healthcare, marketing, and others. Today, social media marketing agencies are developing media strategies based on the insights found with the help of big data analytics.

Previously, social media start with the purpose of connecting with friends, however, it has taken a whole new direction, to become one of the biggest marketing platforms. Now, these platforms are being utilized by brands to expand their customer base through advertising and paid promotion. It has become an output for marketing campaigns and input for future social media strategies.

A company can learn about their consumers and behaviors from likes, comments, shares, following, and followers. Social media platforms can provide an enormous amount of data to brands and marketers to get actionable insights. Every two years, the data doubles and is estimated to reach more than 44 trillion gigabytes by the end of 2020. The rising amount of data is opening up new opportunities for businesses both small and large for innovations on social media platforms.

Businesses that are utilizing big data for social media marketing are at a huge advantage as they enable the marketer to closely understand their customer base and purchasing decisions which and encourage consumers to pull the trigger. Social media has become the best medium to get an edge with your competitors.

So let’s find out some of the interesting ways to use big data for your advantage and boost social medial:

1)  Omni-channel Sources

Marketed can use AI strategy to process data across several channels. This can be simply implemented by using synchronization and log-in technology. They can gather information about customers from numerous business websites as they require sign-ups via Google or Facebook accounts. This can help you understand the social media activity, desktop, and mobile applications, browser history, cloud storage, and other information about the target customer base.

2)  Algorithms

One of the most crucial parts of social media is the algorithm. Algorithms are crucial as they determine if the content is worthy to be seen by potential customers or not. To determine this they factor quality of content, followers count, engagement of your previous posts, and others. Sometimes they snub some of the posts and promote others. To understand how they work it is important for managers to study analytics.

The analytics also provides useful insights that can help determine factors such as customer engagement of each post, post-performance, content that resonated with customers, the best time for customer engagement, and others.

3) Customers Base

Marketers can improve all social media campaigns just by understanding their target audience. Once a marketer understands its target audience it becomes easy to develop content according to their preferences. Here, big data can help enormously as it is designed to provide pivotal customer insights on social media platforms. It can provide information such as trending topics, demographics, and other details about the targeted customer base.

4) Personalize Social Media

Once a marketer understands its consumers it becomes very easy to personalize the social media profiles to answers the questions they might have. A marketer can obtain all the information from analytics provided by social media. After implementing this strategy customers will start following your page for unique and valuable information. They will also be increasingly interested in products and services offered by them.

5) Customer Acquisition and Retention

Social media has become of the most important platform to improve customer acquisition and influence their decision making.  Big data can make both acquiring and retaining customers simply. By helping marketers apprehend new trends that were effecting to encourage purchases in the past to target them through email marketing and create a sense of impulse purchases.

If a brand wants to retain its customers they can maximize its social media presence. This is as customers like to engage with brands that offer them real values. Using post insights in such cases is more helpful as they can help in curating content that is entertaining, educational, and useful for the customer base.

6) Social Media Advertising

Advertisement is the backbone of marketing strategies; however, knowing it yields no result is painful. There is a lot of work required to create successful advertisements but the most crucial element above all is proper research. Being the most important part of an advertisement there is an immense need for good quality research. Nevertheless, as brands have very minimum time to work on a successful as implementing big data for the research can prove to be effective. It can save time and give you insights about customer behaviors and targeting and retargeting advertisements.

7) Real-time interaction

Marketers can also engage with their audiences in real times as social medial platforms offer updates of user activity on social media such as pages visited and followed, ads clicked, links saved, comments posted, friends added, and other details that can help with a market study. Marketers can also plan their product placement as big data provide an updated and precise picture of market demand such as performance, popularity, and customer satisfaction.

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