7 Best Martech Tool Stack for Fruitful Result

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We all know some of the largest companies in the world belong to the tech industry.

Ever wondered how companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon grew into giants?

What do you think is common in all their success stories?

If you are guessing that they all started in a garage! I am sorry but that’s the wrong answer.

Well, what sets them apart from other companies is their ability to combine marketing and technology.

Marketing has becomes the backbone of companies. You can literally put companies into two groups one with amazing marketing and others who lack in that area.

If you are confused as to where your marketing goals and strategy are lacking continue reading. We are going to give you a little overview of MarTech i.e. Marketing and Technology and help you upgrade your marketing strategy.

So, open your brain both right and justify to creatively think and critically analyze some amazing MarTech tool solution and features.

Martech is much more than just a platform. If you are crafting a marketing strategy or even starting a new business and want success then MarTech is your go-to.

Today, businesses are dealing with Martech one way or the other due to the increasing adoption of digital communication globally. MarTech helps bridge the gap between them for a steady pace between the expectations of a customer and the marketers.

But, you don’t need to have it or use it because everyone is using it. Before going for a MarTech stack just take a moment and sit down with your teams, discuss your need, current, and future requirement, and then list out what you want.

Now, there is one more thing, one of the most common mistakes I have seen is people sometimes get confused between Martech & Adtech. While they both are a bit similar there is only a fragile line separating them.

For instance, AdTech, the advertising technology is meant to help the advertisers as well as the ad agencies to create, run, and measure online advertising campaigns across platforms. On the other hand, Martech allows users to run and manage online marketing campaigns on different platforms.

A 2019 research has revealed that 57% of the world’s population spends approximately 6.5 hours online every day.

Martech Tool hotsuite dataSource

Companies leverage the suite of these tools for enhancing marketing processes, which is known as the MarTech Stack.

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List of Martech Tool

#1. Google AdWords

There is only one key to scale your business that is you need to reach out to new customers. And, the easiest way marketers opt to reach out is through advertising.

Advertising has become inseparable with marketing and Google AdWords is my personal favorite. Today, despite Facebook’s massive growth, Google AdWords remains the most widely used advertising platform in the world.

In fact, for most entry-level digital marketing professionals getting certified in AdWords is seen as a necessity.

AdWords packs a punch in the form of intent and intent is next to customer acquisition.

I have seen marketers rushing to advertise on Facebook, but what they fail to realize is that their people don’t want to see ads or find products. Instead, they want to engage with family, friends, and many are watch some funny videos.

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On the contrary, AdWords helps you see what people are actively searching via keywords to find solutions to their problems. So, you can skip the funnel process and start selling.

Google’s AdWords packs reach. Google handles over 40,000 searches every second and over 3.5 billion each day. This tool can help you advertise on YouTube which has 1.5 billion monthly active users.

In terms of support, you have access to dedicated account managers that will help run and optimize your campaigns.

Additionally, its dashboard is extremely easy to use with a diverse demographic targeting and custom audiences.

In the past few years, AdWords has become the king of PPC advertising and even in the coming time, it will continue to dominate its user base.

#2. HubSpot

If you are a marker, it is highly likely that you have already heard of HubSpot.

HubSpot is a marketing suite that can help your marketing tool with content management, data, analytics, customer support, social media, and advertising.

It is designed with the inbound marketing methodology with the purpose to provide marketers with essential tools and insights to boost conversions.

HubSpot has an ever-evolving landscape. For instance, now they offer a pop-up and chatbot features that can be added to any website. This can be very helpful in improving and streamlining the customer experience.

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We all know how important it is to have proper internal and external communication. Today, streamlining communication has become another problem faced by marketers.

HubSpot offers to solve this problem by integrating and collaborating with other third-party tools enabling teams to improve communication. Some great examples of such tools include Slack and G Suite.

It can also be integrated with hundreds of other third-party apps allowing marketers to easily expand their MarTech ecosystems.

#3. WordPress and Elementor

You’re going to need a website. Chances are, you’ll want to go with WordPress, and justifiably so. The world’s most popular CMS enables users to create the most comprehensive and dynamic possible. But if you can’t code, operating a WordPress website (far less creating one) is going to prove virtually impossible.

That’s where Elementor proves its weight in gold. Used by more than 7% of all the world’s websites, Elementor empowers marketers to create a stunning, converting WordPress site without having to write a single line of code.

You can choose from a large variety of responsive templates to fit your business’s every need, and easily customize content and design. Customs forms and stunning popups are additional features Elementor users can leverage to increase sales. It gets better, though. You can now rely one Elmentor to host your website as well!

With Elementor Cloud Website, web creators can craft a stunning, comprehensive website that will be hosted using best-in-class WordPress hosting starting at $99 per year.

#4. Salesforce

We all know the importance of managing customer relations. It is the key to growing your business. Also, studies say that it’s five times less expensive to keep an existing customer than to sell to a new one.

But, it is also important to know that just because someone bought from you once doesn’t mean that they’ll stick around forever. For every marketer, upselling and reselling to existing customers presents a big challenge.

For a successful resell and upsell you need to manage and nurture the customer relationship.

Salesforce is an amazing tool that recently topped Fortune’s list of 100 best companies in 2018. It’s one of the most customizable CRMs that has been battle-tested.


With its AppExchange, it offers integrations for just about every use case. For instance, you can find, locate, and utilize different applications such as WordPress.

Another amazing aspect of this tool is its dashboards which are full of comprehensive data that can help you to build customers.

Salesforce is the best in businesses that comes to customer relationship management.

#5. Hootsuite

hootsuiteToday, everyone is on social media. This also means that it is the platform where you can reach out to maximum potential customers.

Now, if you are a market you already know this. Social media is every marketer’s best friend.

In 2020, it is estimated that there are around 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide. This number is projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

This presents a huge opportunity for marketers to reach out the new customers with multi-channel strategies. While social media might seem lucrative, managing it might turn out to be a nightmare for marketing teams.

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Handling social media is a full-time job. You need consistently post and engage by liking and commenting which is just a small part.

To make it all a little easier, smart marketers can leverage platforms like Hootsuite. If you want to make the best out of your social media, Hootsuite is a necessity as it can help manage your social media presence.

For instance, the function of Facebook Advertising is primarily to speak to your customers, Hootsuite can help you listen and engage.

Another problem that you might face in the long run is managing multiple channels at the same time which can be very very difficult.

But, Hootsuite solves that problem too by managing all your social channels in one place. It provides a unique and interactive dashboard where your team can easily monitor unlimited streams of all the social media channels.

Here, you will also have the option to schedule, optimize, and interact with consumers in minutes.

The dashboard also integrates analytics which can help pull-up reports for your marketing and sales teams.

Hootsuite solves the problems of every marketer by integrating and providing the full range of social media tools in one.

#6. Marketo

Today, with so many channels and platforms marketers need a great automation tool to thrive.

In fact, 91% of companies that use marketing automation find it to be an integral piece of marketing strategy.

Marketo is one of the best automation tools you can find out there. It’s designed for marketers, especially if you are into B2B and want to get an idea of how your prospects are interacting with your channels

Marketo is a necessity for any team that is running multiple channels for customer acquisition. The platform is built on the same core platform like Salesforce.

The tools have an easy-to-use modular system that features automation, real-time personalization, consumer engagement marketing, and management.


This means you have the flexibility to customize everything for your specific business needs.

The most amazing thing is that the platform allows you to clone entire programs so you don’t have to create new ones such as landing pages and email marketing.

It also uses advanced reporting for detailed customer analytics which helps compare across channels.

Also, Marketo has the ability to integrate with just about any other MarTech tool.

Marketo is designed especially for a team that attacks multiple channels and needs heavy equipment.

#7. Slack

Communication and collaboration across teams and departments are the foundation of any business. The benefits of both are tested and approved by many pieces of research.

HubSpot says the more aligned your sales and marketing team is, the better overall growth you’ll achieve.


Slack helps you streamline your overall communication with all of your team in one place. With Slack, you can message individuals directly or create a group or create channels for topical and organized conversations.

They also offer integrations with almost all tools out there, including Trello, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, Heroku, and countless other MarTech tools. The list doesn’t end.

Slack can help you keep team communication stays fluid.

What is MarTech?

Marketing technology is called Martech and it is a subtle blend of both to improvise and enhance marketing strategies. Martech is an important concept and successful too. If you are a businessman, IT professional, or entrepreneur you need to understand that MarTech is the need of the hour.

Why Use MarTech?

Time spent over the internet automatically impacts users. Hence, customers are massively influenced by the digital advertisements and online reviews, which in turn affect their purchase habits. This is why Marketers need Martech in today’s era. These tools are meant to make the lives of the marketers easier with its functionality.

What are the Martech Tools?

MarTech tools are used to automate or streamline marketing processes. They collect and analyze data to provide different ways to engage with your target audience.


In this blog, we have tried to give you some of the best MarTech tools solution, and features for acing your marketing.

However, remember that even the best MarTech tools might not able to give you results if you don’t streamline your marketing process.

So, before choosing a tool, make sure you have a marketing strategy. Then you can choose a tool that can fulfill the needs of your marketing strategy.

Lastly, these are so many other and cheaper alternatives for these tools. If you don’t have the budget, take a deep breath, and do your research, you will definitely find one as per your needs.

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