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What is the Salesforce AppExchange and How Can it be Beneficial for Business Owners?


Salesforce offers exceptional functions and has uncountable benefits, which often remain unexplored simply because it is an ecosystem that incorporates manifold solutions. If you are a Salesforce user struggling with the operations and offerings, you must start leveraging Salesforce AppExchange to extend your business functionality.

Salesforce AppExchange fulfills the primary and high-tech requirements of the users of Salesforce, which are hard to comprehend and explore in the Salesforce ecosystem. Let’s learn what Salesforce AppExchange is in detail!

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

AppExchange is a marketplace that offers innovative solutions for your business in the form of consulting services, apps and components. As of current data, there are more than 7,000 apps on AppExchange. If you have your solution, you can also develop and publish it on AppExchange and make it available to potential customers. However, for this, you must be a Salesforce partner. Create and publish your apps conveniently for Salesforce users to download them.

The foundation idea of Salesforce AppExchange is to make the Salesforce ecosystem much easier and beneficial for organizations and creative individuals. Salesforce AppExchange is one of the world’s largest and leading cloud marketplaces introduced for business apps, solutions and consultancies. AppExchange can lay down great potential and value for your business so that you fully comprehend and enjoy the benefits of the advanced technology of Salesforce.

To understand the services of Salesforce Appexchange, the apps and services are bifurcated into four major categories.

  • The first is Solutions by Types which includes; Bolt Solutions, Apps, Lightning Data, Flow Solutions, and Components.
  • The second is the Industry collection, including Retail, Media, Communication, Government, and Education.
  • The third category is The Product Collection consisting of Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Einstein Analytics, and Financial Service Cloud.
  • Finally, the fourth is Top Categories such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales & Enterprise Resource Planning.

Fun Fact?

In 2006, Marc Benioff, the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, introduced its store with AppStore. It was introduced as the first platform solely dedicated to the sales and distribution of Salesforce-based business apps. However, in 2008 Apple Inc. introduced the App Store deciding to restore the trademark. Finally, Salesforce changed the marketplace’s Name to AppExchange instead of AppStore.

How Does Salesforce AppExchange Work?

Only the Salesforce partners have the authority to create and publish extensions of Salesforce in Salesforce AppExchange. Therefore, you must register as a Salesforce partner if you wish to develop a creative solution on AppExchange. Other than this, AppExchange is also for the Salesforce admins who can choose and install solutions that may benefit their organisation’s needs. In any case, here’s how Salesforce AppExchange works:

Create a Solution

If you have a creative solution that you feel can offer great convenience and value to the other users of Salesforce, then you can begin creating the innovative solution. Salesforce partners create this innovation and then share these customisations with the rest of Salesforce users, presenting it as a packaged solution. The solution can be an app, a Flow solution, a Bolt solution, a component or Lightning data.

Publish the Solution

After creating the innovative platform, the partner registers the solution, creates a package and publishes it on AppExchange for users to view and install. After publication, they can also create a demonstration to check the functionality of their solution before the solution goes to others for live functioning and installation.

Let’s Install it!

Installing any solution from the AppExchange platform is completely safe and secure. In the final working stage, the Salesforce customers browse through AppExchange to find a solution that fits their needs. Before implementing the solution, Salesforce users can test the functional demo of the solution as a read-only user. Therefore, it allows you to plan the implementation with your Salesforce admins. Also, you can deploy the solution by customizing its functions for specific user groups so that the platform can offer a more convenient service to your business.

How is AppExchange Beneficial for Businesses?

Here’s how businesses can grow exponentially with the facilities of Salesforce AppExchange:

Salesforce AppExchange Work

1.     Trusted by renowned brands

With over 117,000 customer reviews and more than 10 million installs, you can apprehend how vastly the platform AppExchange is helpful for businesses. For businesses to grow unlimited through digital means, Salesforce AppExchange is the best source.

2.     Makes your Business Visible to Valuable Brands

This marketplace is where organisations can easily find apps related to any business forte ranging from marketing and sales to analytics and finance. Surprisingly, the apps from this most sought-after marketplace are accessed actively by 90% of Fortune 100 Companies.

3.     Grow your Name epidemically

Your business can have an unlimited opportunity to collaborate and connect with over 150,000 Salesforce customers, of which 91% use partner solutions and apps. You can expand your business towards exponential growth with Salesforce AppExchange.

4.     Offers powerful security

Being a Salesforce partner gives numerous benefits, but security is one of these. The complete infrastructure of your app has the undying support for the rigid security standards of Salesforce.

What are the Best Salesforce AppExchange Apps?

Many Salesforce partners go to the maximum extent to offer highly exceptional solutions on the Salesforce program. Here are the solutions we consider a few of the best Salesforce AppExchange apps.

Salesforce AppExchange


This free application is created and published by the Salesforce silver-badged Cyntexa. With this solution, you can easily process payments and online trades conveniently simply by integrating Stripe with Salesforce. Without any extra costs, you can easily manage customer billings.

Easy Incentivizer

The prime focus of this application is to automatically calculate the commissions of the sales from the opportunities closed by your representatives or agents. You can create & manage numerous commission templates for multiple users defined by different commission criteria. You also get a personalized dashboard for every representative or agent to evaluate their performance.


This real-time social, collaborative application allows colleagues to communicate, share data, and work without security issues. You can conveniently share files and status updates. Chatter allows employees to follow information, groups and people under the company’s private and secure internal network.

ZoomInfo SalesOS

Empowering B2B sales and marketing professionals, ZoomInfo SalesOS is a go-to-market intelligence solution that assists you in pairing advanced technology with customer database accuracy, coverage and contacts’ depth. The platform equips sales practitioners with the tools to help them plan, target outreach, and score leads.

What is the Fees of Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange fee and depend on various solutions are distributed for free on AppExchange. However, you have to pay a security review and the platform’s listing fee. This fee is payable after submitting your solution for the ‘initial security review’. However, if you uncover any security susceptibility in your solution after submission, you can fix it and resubmit it without extra costs.

For the initial security review, you must make a one-time payment of $2,700 for most solutions. In addition, there is a security review fee of $2,550 and a $150 first-year listing fee on AppExchange. After the first year, you’ll be expected to pay $150 annually for the Appexchange listing fee. To clarify, the yearly listing fee comprises the reviews for the updates of the solutions that are already listed on AppExchange.

If you wish to generate a high-level result for your app, you can also hire a Salesforce Appexchange developer that can offer you all services along with efficiency and accuracy.

Want a Salesforce Appexchange Development team for your brand? Contact with Cyntexa’s experts and clear all your doubts about Salesforce AppExchange development.

Here’s the table cost to develop an app for Salesforce AppExchange:

Type of Review Annual Listing Fee Security Review Fee
Initial Review of paid solution

● USD150- First-year fee additional to the security review fee & due upon submission


●  150 USD annual charges following the first year of listing

  2,550 USD
All reviews for free solutions ●  Charge-free Charge-free
Follow-up review of

a paid solution resubmitted

after addressing issues

disclosed in previous

security review


●   First year listing cost paid during initial review submission

●   $150 annual charges following the first year of listing

No extra fee although a

limited no. of follow-up

reviews are offered in the

security review fee that is

paid during the initial

submission of solution.

Recurring re-review

of a formerly

approved, listed,

or paid solution

●       First year listing cost paid during initial review submission

●       150 USD annual charges following the first year of listing

No Extra Fee as cost

included in security

review fee paid during

initial submission

of solution.


Overcoming business challenges can become easy and profitable if you perform functions with efficient apps available on Salesforce AppExchange. You can search for solutions and consultancy on Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s first top-notch complete-feature enterprise cloud whose depth and opportunities cannot be fully defined in words. Boost your business and enhance your Salesforce CRM with the solutions of AppExchange.


Who Can Use AppExchange?

AppExchange listings can easily be browsed and test driven by any individual. However, if you want to install the AppExchange apps, you must be either a user with permission to download AppExchange Packages or a Salesforce Administrator. Furthermore, to create and publish the apps on AppExchange, you need to become a Salesforce partner and require permission to Create AppExchange Packages and Upload AppExchange Packages.

What can I find on Salesforce AppExchange?

You can easily find third-party ready-to-install apps, scalable pre-integrated data solutions, pre-built templates for industry consultants and solutions, certified experts to handle your Salesforce implementation, and building blocks to generate apps and customised pages with coding; you can unlock all these high-tech opportunities just by accessing Salesforce AppExchange.

How many apps does Salesforce AppExchange have?

Salesforce AppExchange is listed amongst the trust enterprise cloud marketplace that houses over 7,000 apps and certified consulting organisations that assist in extending Customer 360. You can find proven experts, solutions and apps to suit your business needs and deal with challenges enhancing your organisation through digital transformation.

Can I reinstall an AppExchange package which I uninstalled a few months or days ago?

Yes, reinstalling a package after you uninstall it is fully possible. You need to follow the same procedure you used when you installed it.

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