Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Simplified

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Revenue recognition updates are pivotal in nonprofit accounting, notably with ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606. Nonprofit finance teams must grasp these changes to make accurate judgments on revenue streams. Government grants, for instance, may be deemed exchange transactions or contributions. Compliance is essential, especially with material deferred revenue at year-end. ASC Topic 606 aligns US GAAP with international standards for global consistency. ASU 2018-08 refines guidance on revenue from contributions.

Sage Intacct serves as a compliance partner, streamlining processes for nonprofits.

Key Takeaways:

Thorough Understanding: Nonprofit finance teams must comprehend and apply updated standards judiciously.
Diverse Revenue Treatment: Differentiating between exchange transactions and contributions, especially with government grants, is crucial.
Global Alignment: ASC Topic 606 aims to align US GAAP with international standards for consistent treatment globally.

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