The Kids Who Hacked The CIA


In 2015, two teenagers, a disillusioned American (“Default”) and an angry British teen (“Kraker”) inspired by Edward Snowden’s leaks, formed the hacking group “Cracker With Attitude” (CWA).

They targeted high-ranking US government officials, including the CIA and National Intelligence directors. Through social engineering, CWA accessed emails, phone numbers, and even rerouted calls, leaking sensitive documents and causing embarrassment for the US.

The US government was left red-faced, but the teens’ joyride came crashing down when Default, in a drunken stupor, revealed his involvement to his friend. This one mistake exposed the entire operation, landing Default a harsh 5-year federal prison sentence and Kraker 2 years in juvenile detention.

While the teens faced legal repercussions, the hacks didn’t lead to major policy changes, leaving the controversial US government surveillance programs still in place.

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