New Leaks on Galaxy Watch 5! Is it similar to its predecessor Watch 4?

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Previously, rumors encircling the Galaxy Watch 5 have been light while the Apple Watch Series 8 had a pair of intimidating leaks regarding a potential rugged Apple Watch or a premium model with a larger display.  

The rumors have come to an end today. Recently, the often-reliable leaker Evan Blass has revealed a number of renders on 91Mobiles that allegedly portray the design for the Galaxy Watch 5 as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Surprisingly, this time Samsung’s ‘Classic’ rebranding is going the way and will further give way to the even-popular ‘Pro’ suffix for the premium Galaxy Watch 5 model.   

Fresh and Shimmering Rebranding 

The design differs from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in several ways. The most notable change is the removal of the rotating bezel, a unique feature that many long-time Galaxy Watch owners laud. Samsung implemented a virtual version of this on the Galaxy Watch 4 last year, which works well in my testing, but those who prefer the tactile feel of the actual bezel will be disappointed. 

The Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung’s Wear OS 3.0 launch device, is nearly a year old, so it’s time for an update. 91Mobiles’ Evan Blass has obtained a massive amount of imagery of Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch, including official 3D rotation animations of the two models from every angle. Samsung is also going with a bit of a model number change. The Galaxy Watch 5 “Pro” will replace the Watch 4 “Classic” as the high-end model, while the Watch 5 replaces the Watch 4. 

The big news this year is that Samsung is getting rid of the high-end model’s unique rotating bezel. The lower-end model’s capacitive touch bezel is now standard across all models, allowing you to scroll by running your finger around the watch face’s perimeter.  

Rebranded Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 

Rebranded Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 

According to the images surfacing the internet, there does not appear to be a significant difference between the two watches. The ‘Pro’ version has a raised bezel that allows the entire screen to be recessed into the device, providing some protection to the watch face. The front of the lower-end model appears to be flat. Both models appear to have a rubber watch band. The Pro model has a folding clasp, whereas the lower-end model has a buckle strap. Different colors and sizes will most likely help distinguish the two models. The Watch 5 model, which is more affordable, has a flat front and a buckle clasp.  

No Changes in Watch 5 

So far, there is no word of a new chip inside the Galaxy Watch 5. Samsung has a history of not building a new smartwatch SoC every year (the previous Exynos 9110 was around for three years), so the assumption is that the company will recycle the Exynos W920 from the Galaxy Watch 4 for the Watch 5 line. According to the text on the back, both models use sapphire crystal and have optional LTE and GPS.  

The Galaxy Watch 5 is much closer to its predecessor with no obvious changes to the design based on these renders, even the clasp system looks identical. The renders show the Galaxy Watch 5 in black, silver and blue, but it’s unclear if those are the only options that will be available. Like the Pro it will also be available in either Wi-Fi/Bluetooth only or LTE. 

Both watches are expected to debut at Samsung’s typical August event alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

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