Honeywell Announced Sparta System’s Acquisition for 1.3 billion  

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Yesterday, Honeywell announced that it will acquire Sparta Systems for $1.3 billion. After this acquisition, they will gain control of quality management software (QMS).   

In the future, the company is promising to augment its machine learning algorithms along with other AI capabilities.  

Honeywell has pledged to integrate the TrackWise Digital QMS software from Sparta with IoT platforms to augment human decision-making. Its new algorithms should make data analysis possible in real-time to execute a process in a space of time.  

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In the last decade, much of the focus of IT has been on the rise of edge computing and cloud platforms that execute application logic with ML algorithms. Rather than using data processing legacy batch mode that requires data collected at the edge to be transferred. Edge computing platforms will process data at the point where it is being both collected and consumed in real-time.  

Organizations that launch such initiatives need to create a systematic approach for secure deployment of applications that are processing and sharing data of unprecedented scale. This is the reason why so many organizations are investing in data lakes. To provide the mechanism where multiple applications can share data access.  

This data will also be used to train AI models that use inference engines in the cloud to inject AI capabilities.  

Previously, Honeywell has launched Honeywell Forge to meld with operational technology (OT) platforms. At the same time, Honeywell Ventures is leading a $2 million round of seed funding for a company that promises to make building complex AI models simpler using both AI and ML, DarwinAI 

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