Google’s Project Magi – An Effort to Strengthen Its Search Engine Dominance

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Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT in November 2022, Google has noticed its rising popularity amongst people. To address that demand and protect its core business, Google is actively engaged in several projects. 

According to the latest report from the New York Times, Google is working on a new project named ‘Magi’. This project includes an update to the current search engine and the development of another AI-based search engine. 

For that, the Company is actively innovating and exploring new options to ensure the longevity and significance of the core business. 

Project Magi – Upgrading the Current Search Engine & Creating a New AI-Based Alternative

Some of Google’s top engineers, designers, and executives are currently working on Project Magi. A Sprint room is created for the project where they test and work on the new version search engine. 

It has aimed to seek a more personalized experience and meet the intent demand of the users. 

According to a report by the New York Times last Sunday – sources informed that over 160 people are currently working full-time on the project Magi.

The planned search engine will learn from users’ searches and show them options for buying things, doing research, and finding information. It will also have a more conversational approach, like talking to a person. 

Understanding the Importance of Magi for Google

As we said earlier, Google has been aware of the AI hype. Especially in light of the South Korean tech giant, Samsung’s consideration to replace the Google search engine with Microsoft Bing.

This threat lit a fire behind Google to start the project Magi and work on a new AI-based search engine. 

To further add more drama into the mix, Google’s contract with Apple worth an additional $20 billion is up for renewal.

So, it was bound that the tech giant will start churning its gears toward something new and exciting.

Testing the New Innovations Made in Project Magi

Google invited some employees for follow-up questions to see how well it can hold the conversation. After getting the expected results Google is planning to launch the new tools to the public in the next month. 

The initial release of the feature is for 1 million people and the number is supposed to progressively increase to 30 million. 

The tools will also be available only in the United States as of now. 

Why the Panic & Urgency to Launch This New Project Magi?

Another important thing mentioned in the New York Times report highlighted the increasing challenges to Google’s $162 billion-per-year search engine due to Microsoft’s Bing and its new upgrades. 

Even though Google has been the dominant player with a market share of 80% for a few years, Bing’s AI evolution is gaining more ground.

Competing players like Alphabet also lost $100 billion in value around early February this year. The main reason for that is that its new chatbot, BARD shared inaccurate information in a promotional video. 

So far, Alphabet and Samsung have not responded to requests for comments from Reuters. But, Google can view this as an opportunity to fill that gap created by Alphabet to claim more territory.

Final Words

Seeing Google’s commitment to retaining its ‘King of Search Engines’ title, we’re excited to know what Project Magi has to offer. Will it hold up against the likes of ChatGPT and the new Bing?

We’ll have to wait for a few months to find out. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

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