Google Assistant can Now Recognize Songs that a User Hums

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The Mountain View firm has added a brand-new feature on Google Assistant. Its new feature will now be able to understand which song that you have in your mind. It recognizes a song with both simple whistles or hums.   

Many people having a song in mind, but they are not able to find its name of the song or the artist. It is a frustrating feeling that each of us. But thanks to Google Assistant’s new feature, these days are now over which the Californian group presents in an official blog post.  

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The name of the new function is “Hum to search” which is a very practical tool. You can also judge for yourself: just say out loud ”Ok Google, what is this song”. Then whistle, hum, or roughly sing the tune along to the words of a song for Google Assistant/ it will then show a list of matching responses and in general, the AI of the multinational is right on target.  

for this feature, the Mountain View giant has created new machine learning models that are capable of matching whistles or hums with a song. This is all attributed to a “digital print Unique” to use Google’s words of the song. On Android, it offers twenty different languages including French, English, and others.   

Today, Google’s Assistant is an interesting tool that can be used on our smartphones. But people who are responsible for the intelligent personal assistant are aiming to develop it even further. Their focus is to make it indispensable in the eyes of users.   


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