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Travel Tech Company Launches Expedia One-Stop-Shop for Advertisers

US-based travel tech company, Expedia Group has unveiled a ‘one-stop-shop’  travel media network for advertisers. According to PhocusWire, the company unveiled updates about the Expedia one-stop-shop for advertisers during the Explore 24 Event held last week in Las Vegas.

The decision to establish a media network is part of Expedia’s strategy to broaden its offerings to its advertising partners. The company hopes to do this by providing a tech-based business that positions it as a global travel media leader.

Expanding Reach

Hosted by the Expedia Group Media Solutions, the travel ad platform expands ad products beyond the 200 travel apps and websites that the company already controls. This expansion means that Expedia will be leveraging its vast partner network to distribute travel ads.

“Our robust, first-party data and network of industry-wide partnerships gives us the exclusive ability to translate traveler shopping behavior to actionable insights for our advertising partners,” Expedia Group Media Solutions’ Senior Vice President, Rob Torres said.

Expedia’s partner websites include sites owned by Disney+, Netflix, and a host of 60,000+ social media and B2B partners that the company is already working with. This network approach also expands Expedia’s campaign production and consulting capabilities. 

Impressive Results 

The new Expedia one-stop-shop solution has already started recording impressive results for advertisers. During the Explore 24 Event, Expedia displayed travel content that demonstrated the capabilities of its travel media network. From the stage, the company showcased ad content for two campaigns namely ‘Destination Canada’ and ‘Visit California’, each with highly measurable results.

Expedia reported that ‘Destination Canada’ ran the ‘Where To Canada’ ad campaign on its media campaign. The campaign was designed to increase awareness and drive inspiration on traveling to Canada. According to Expedia, the key performance indicators for this campaign were engagement and reach.

Besides these two indicators, the one-stop-shop for advertisers by Expedia tracked bookings too. Following the campaign, bookings to Canada increased by 18%. The campaign also led to a 12% increase in average spending per booking on websites owned by Expedia Group.

On the other hand, ‘Visit California’ campaign used the Expedia one-stop-shop for advertisers platform at Heathrow Airport in London to showcase its co-branded campaign. The campaign garnered over 275 million impressions.

Revenue Growth

Expedia Group Media Solutions reported revenue amounting to $145 million in quarter one of 2024.
Commenting on Expedia travel media network performance, Torres said, “We’ve only just scratched the surface with building bespoke media campaigns for partners, I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Through the travel media network, the company is looking to target travelers at multiple touchpoints throughout their booking journey. The idea is to use those touchpoints to push relevant travel content to travelers in order to boost conversions.

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