Black Friday Tech Deals: Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

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Black Friday is traditionally the season when most products go on sale. The early deals open on October 30th but the official Black Friday sale will begin on November 24th this year. However, different brands and e-commerce companies give different dates for sales and discounts.
Best Buy’s full Black Friday sale started on November 17th and will end on November 25th. Target’s early Black Friday savings began on October 29th and are set to run through Thanksgiving weekend. Newegg has started on the 16th of November and will end on the 25th. Costco announced a fusion of in-warehouse and online deals going live from November 24th through November 27th.
There are more brands with their sale dates but the important part is the products and discounts on them. So let us see what products can be purchased this festive season.

Deals on Black Friday

This Black Friday deal can help you save on many electronic as well as technological items. The list is as follows:

The Best Mobile Phone Deals

1. Apple

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 has deals on it. Verizon is offering a free 10th-gen iPad 10.9 and a free 2nd-gen Apple Watch SE. For the iPhone 15 Pro up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus free iPad and Apple Watch, and Boost Infinite is giving the iPhone 15 Pro Max device and unlimited data for $65.55/mo.
iPhone 14 which was originally priced at $729.99 is now $679.99 at Best Buy. iPhone 14 Plus also has a $50 discount at Best Buy. The iPhone 14 Pro which is originally priced at $999 is now available at $899 after a discount at Walmart.
Also, iPhone 13 which was for $699 is now available at a price of $599 at Apple. iPhone 12 which was last priced at $499 is now available at $399 at Walmart.

2. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (256 GB) has a 20% discount on Amazon and Best Buy. The latest 6.7-inch flip phone that folds in half was priced at $999 which in sale is available at $800.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (256 GB, Unlocked) has a 28% discount on it which is a steal deal. The phone was priced at $1799 and is available at %1300.
Lastly, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra after a discount of 25% is priced at $900 which was originally for $1200.

3. Google Pixel

Google Pixel Fold (256 GB), Google’s first foldable device is available in the sale at $1399 whose original price is $1799.
The Google Pixel 7A is available at $374 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Google. The Google Pixel 8 Pro which is considered Google’s best camera yet is available at $799 at 20% off.

Stellar Deals for Headphones

1. Apple

AirPods (Second Gen) with lightning charging case, the cheapest model in the lineup has a whopping discount of 38% and you can buy it at $80 at Amazon and Target and $90 at Walmart.
Apple AirPods Pro (Second Gen) with USB-C charging case which was priced at $249 has a 24% off and is priced at $190 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

2. Bose

Bose QC 45 Headphones have a 40% discount and are priced at just $199. These discounts are available at Best Buy, Amazon and Target.
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and Headphones have 17% and 12% discounts respectively and are priced at $249 and $379.

3. Google Pixel

The Google Pixel Buds Pro was priced at $200 and in the Black Friday sale, it is available at a 43% discount. At WellBots $115, at Amazon $120, and at Best Buy $120.

Stunning Gaming Device Deals

1. PlayStation 5

New PlayStation 5 with Marvel Spider-Man 2 and Call of Duy: Modern Warfare III has an 11% discount and is now available at $499 at Amazon and $500 at Gamestop and Best Buy.

2. Wireless Controller

DualSense Wireless Controller designed for PS5 has a built-in microphone and haptic feedback technology. It has a 35% discount which was originally priced at $75 and is now available at $49.
Xbox Wireless Controller has a discount of 43% and is priced at $40 after the discount.

3. Handheld Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch Mario Cart 8 Deluxe Bundle is a holiday Switch bundle that includes the standard version of Nintendo’s terrific handheld, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and is priced at $300.
Asus Rog Ally (512 GB) has a great discount of 32% and is priced at $450. It’s a PC gaming handheld with a 7-inch, 1080p, 120Hz touchscreen and integrated gamepad controls.
Hori Split Pad Pro has a 20% discount on the original price of $50 and now is available at $40.

Great Laptop Deals

1. Asus

Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED (Intel Evo i7-1355U, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD) can be a great buy in the OLED laptops category. Along with a stunning screen, the lightweight laptop features a good port selection that has HDMI 2.1, USB-A, and multiple Thunderbolt ports. The laptop right now has a discount of $100 and is priced at $1300 on Amazon and Asus.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 has a huge 20% off and is selling at $799 instead of $999 at Amazon and Best Buy.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is selling at $799.99 with an off of $100 at Amazon and Best Buy with a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.


The new 14-inch MacBook Pro is selling at 10% off at $1799 at Amazon and Best Buy.
The 16-inch MacBook Pro stays Apple’s largest laptop for creators and power users. It is now selling at $2299 at an 8% discount.
The sale is ongoing and most of the deals are great for purchase for tech enthusiasts and gamers. The sale is also live for tablets, watches, and games for PlayStation. There are deals on SteamCam, smart displays, speakers, and more for great prices and discounts. What products are you buying this Black Friday sale? Let us know in the comments.
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