Assurance IQ Alltius AI Sales Assistants Boost Agent Productivity
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How Assurance IQ Alltius AI Sales Assistants Boost Agent Productivity

A top insurance company has partnered with a sales tech company. The companies aim to reduce the time it takes to onboard new sales agents. PR News reported that the Assurance IQ Alltius AI sales assistant has raised agent productivity. It raised it to the mid-level. It did this within a month.

Alltius provides conversational generative AI platforms for customer support and sales. It powers enterprise apps, contact centers, and websites with secure, skillful, and accurate AI assistants. The company claims its AI assistants can double sales for companies. They also say they can halve support costs within weeks.

The Onboarding Challenge

Assurance IQ serves more than 17 million customers spread across North America. The company provides buying guidance for its customers. It ensures that the guidance is personalized to each customer’s insurance plan. Assurance IQ has more than 6000+ insurance plans.

The plans are marketed by 100+ providers and they change from time to time. New insurance agents struggle to familiarize themselves with Assurance IQ’s insurance plans. Many take 6 months or more to be onboarded into the company. Compared to seasoned sales agents, their productivity during this period is very low.

Sales Agent AI Assistants

Assurance IQ contracted Alltius to help it develop sales agent AI assistants. The insurance firm wanted AI assistants to help its sales agents. The assistants would find insurance plans that match customer requirements. The agents would also use the assistants to convert the plans into personalized sales pitches. This would enable them to provide valuable insights to customers.

“One of the best [platforms] we have seen in the market. Also, they are one of the best teams we have worked with, that has been leveraging GenAI much before tools like ChatGPT arrived on the scene,” said Assurance IQ CTO, Nick Howard.

Alltius developed and trained the sales agent AI assistants within a month. The AI assistants were trained on domain knowledge. Sales agents at Assurance IQ started using the AI assistants.

“Alltius’ AI assistants act as a force multiplier for Assurance IQ’s sales team’s expertise. With the assistants handling deep product knowledge, their agents can focus on listening to customer needs and having more personalized conversations that drive conversions,” Alltius CEO, Vibs Abhishek said.

Reaping Big

Assurance IQ ramps up new insurance agent sales assistants, saying it has reaped huge benefits. These benefits include 100% accurate responses to customers. The accuracy applies to all its insurance plans. The company has registered between 5% and 15% increase in sales conversions. It attributes this increase to the personalized nature of sales pitches.

Productivity levels of Assurance IQ sales agents have also improved significantly. The company says that sales agent productivity has increased by 20% overall. This is compared to a two-year average tenure.

“This (Alltius’ AI assistant) is excellent! It phrases things perfectly. It takes six months to get new agents up to mid-level of productivity. These tools would get them there in a third of the time,” Assurance IQ Sales Agents said.

Assurance IQ Alltius AI sales assistants were developed by AI and NLP experts. The experts have worked on large-scale systems in Google, Amazon, and Meta. Alltius provides salestech solutions that help sales professionals to close deals faster. Millions of sales people are already using the conversational AI platform.

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