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All You Should Know About the ‘K’ Sticker; the Expensive Fitness Gadget!

Recently, one of the Indian cricketers was spotted wearing a ‘K’ Band on his arm. Shreyas Iyer wore a black color sticker on his right triceps that caught the attention of many during the ongoing IPL match. The sticker does not symbolize anything related to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). It is actually an expensive fitness gadget that you should know about!

Much before the popular Indian player made it to the limelight with the ‘sticker’, it had been trending on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So, what exactly is the sticker, and what makes this fitness gadget expensive?

Iyer had recently partnered with a startup called ‘Ultrahuman’ that is based out of Bangalore. As a part of the collaboration, he started using its product—the ‘Ultrahuman M1’. The Ultrahuman M1 is basically a gadget that continuously monitors your blood glucose level in real-time. The gadget can be paired with an app called ‘Ultrahuman’ which is currently available for iOS. To boost the visibility of the device, Ultrahuman has partnered with multiple influencers on various social media platforms, along with Iyer.

What Is the Ultrahuman M1?

The Ultrahuman M1 focuses on the metabolic fitness of your body by tracking blood glucose and other biomarkers. It tracks blood glucose along with other advanced biomarkers in our body to provide health insights.

The Ultrahuman M1 consists of a biosensor that reads blood-glucose levels in real time and relays the derived insights to the app, Ultrahuman. All you have to do is paste the sticker onto your triceps and pair the gadget to your smartphone.

How does the Ultrahuman M1 work?

The tracker helps you understand more about your body’s metabolic patterns through glucose levels. It also tells you how different foods and activities impact your body. The insights generated through the tracker are further combined with Ultrahuman’s personalized AI-driven nudges. Based on the results, the app provides access to performance coaches as well as unique software features such as fuelling zones, vectors, and others, that help users make necessary lifestyle decisions. It also helps them improve their metabolic fitness levels over time.

The gadget is the innovation of a Bangalore-based startup called Ultrahuman.

About Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman was founded by Mohit Kumar and Vatsal Singhal in 2019. During an interaction with News18 Tech, Singhal, who is currently serving as the CTO of the company, shared: “Think of a small sensor that is always attached to your body and tells you exactly when your body needs food when it’s the best time to workout and what lifestyle you should adopt to stay fit. This is exactly what the Ultrahuman platform or Ultrahuman Cyborg offers. It’s like a live fuel meter for your body, considering the fuel for the body as blood glucose.”

Why You Should Monitor Blood Glucose Levels?

The founders also emphasized the importance of monitoring blood glucose levels. Being an anabolic hormone, insulin signals our body cells to pick up glucose from the blood for use. When someone experiences chronologically elevated levels of insulin, they might develop insulin resistance. This results in the build-up of more fuel (glucose and triglycerides) in the body and potentially less efficient usage of glucose.

Globally, more than a billion people suffer from some form of metabolic syndrome at the present time. These also include diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, abnormal lipid levels, obesity, PCOS, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. However, the good news is although some aspects of our metabolism are impacted by variables outside our control, a lot of it is determined by our lifestyle. This is where Ultrahuman comes into play.

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