Empirical Health AI Plan: A Step Towards Injecting Advanced Health
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Empirical Health Advances Primary Health Tech Solution with AI

Empirical Health has unveiled Empirical 2.0. The new Empirical Health AI Plan is a big step towards injecting advanced health tech into day-to-day life. The new plan transforms user biometric data and personal health goals into custom plans. The personal health care plans have to be reviewed by a doctor.

According to the PRWeb, the doctor can use the plan to make referrals, prescriptions, or orders for lab tests. Empirical Health 2.0 plans are inspired by the forward-looking vision of health assistants like Baymax by Big Hero 6.

Innovative Features

Empirical Health AI customized plans ensure safety and accuracy by requiring review by real doctors. The tool comes with advanced AI-generated plans that convert user health data into implementable, step-by-step plans. For example, low deep sleep data can activate a mechanism for assessing potential sleep apnea or sleep hygiene.

The tool also provides features for providing complete care for chronic illnesses. Users can generate plans for conditions such as Heart Health, Dysautonomia, POTS, Long Covid, among others. The plan also supports home-based ECG and orthostatic vitals analysis. This data aids in personalizing treatment strategies.

Founded in 2022, is registered, licensed, and insured to provide medical care across 8 states in the U.S. Currently, its application is accessible to over 47 million people, Empirical Health provides POTS testing and treatment from real doctors. The company leverages modern technology like health sensors on Apple watches, with classic biomarkers like blood tests.

Advanced Features

Empirical 2.0 introduces a range of advanced features to the health tech tool. The new tool features a new visual design for enhanced user experience. The Empirical Health AI app also comes with features that support blood pressure cuffs.

Empirical 2.0 integrates well with third-party blood pressure cuffs to support the management of hypertension through nutrition, customized exercises, and medications. Empirical 2.0 also gives users access to workout templates.

The app allows users to track a range of important health metrics. These include resting heart rate, sleep stages, HRV, and VO2Max. These metrics are benchmarked against medical norms to show the health percentile of users.

Addressing Health Care Crisis

Empirical Health is designed to address the crisis in primary health care. Consumer devices like Apple Watches generate a wide range of health data. However, the significant shortage of physicians in primary health care makes it challenging for patients to access quality care.

Brandon Ballinger, Empirical Health Co-founder said, “We’re facing a primary care shortage. It takes patients 26 days to see a doctor; the US alone wastes $1.1T per year due to complications of chronic illness. While concierge medicine shows great outcomes, it’s labor-intensive, expensive, and can’t scale. Empirical Health is building great primary care that scales–using both new tech (AI, consumer health sensors, virtual modalities) and better business models (value-based care, working with your health insurance rather than separate from it).

Empirical Health AI Plan leverages more than 240,000 health data points that individuals generate each year to provide complete preventive care to users. This resource is currently being used by less than 1% of doctors.

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