Apple VR : What Apple’s 2022 Headset Means For VR-AR

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Apple is a company that is unrivaled in its strength of branding. The aesthetic vision and continuity that Steve Jobs had are recognizable in every detail of each product. One might hate or love Apple, but there is little debate about the notion that their products are marvels of design. 

Aesthetics, simplicity of use, and power are all synonymous with the gadgets the company comes up with. That is why the news about releasing of the Apple VR headset is so thrilling. One knows it isn’t just going to be mediocre as excellence is the adhered standard of quality. 

Apple has been working on virtual reality, as well as augmented reality tech for over a decade. That is known based on their filed patents. Experts predict that by the end of next year, all of that work is going to culminate in a tangible device. 

We haven’t been so excited since the book of ra came out, and we will tell you why you should be hyped for the Apple VR headset too.

Apple’s Headset – What We Know Up to Now

Officially Apple has not said much about its release plans. However, the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has put out some pretty detailed predictions. According to him, we will see a head-mounted display in the second quarter of 2022.

The tech components for the device will be supplied by Genius Electronic Optical. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also weighed in with some exciting predictions, saying that we could hear Apple announcing its VR device in the coming months.

That was in March of this year. While we did not hear anything official in the WWDC keynote event, it is not unreasonable to think that these high-level sources have some truth to them. Reports have also indicated that Apple’s VR set won’t be cheap.

It will be a high-end tool that will primarily be aimed at developers rather than the broad public. Surely, premium pricing is not something that is unexpected from the company.

Estimate prices of $1000-3000 dollars have been mentioned around the web, but it is still too early to tell whether that is in the ballpark. All in all, it looks like it is going to be a steep amount.   

Rumored Features – More Than Just Apple VR

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that the device will not solely be based on VR technology. It is going to have a see-through lens that will allow for augmented reality application purposes.

That would render the Apple headset a mixed-reality tech device, which will also have two extremely high resolution (8K) displays, eye-detection cameras, and capabilities of mapping one’s surrounding objects.

Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned that the headset should have a total of 15 optical cameras to combine innovative biometrics, provide see-through capabilities, and map out environments. 

The device should come in at less than 150 grams to allow for a comfortable wearing experience. That means that it won’t be able to house incredibly powerful chipsets.

People who wear glasses will have the option to insert prescribed lenses into the device, rather than mounting it over their pair.

The mixed reality headset will have a CPU and a GPU built-in for allowing limited standalone capabilities. The headset will have to be tethered wirelessly to an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to be used to its full extent.

special SoC will optimize the wireless communication between the devices by compressing and then decompressing the needed video data for maximum efficiency. It is said that the final AR/VR headset development stage has been completed.

Now Apple will likely start to go into the trial production phase. According to the reports, a lighter pair of augmented reality glasses will be released as a follow-up, somewhere around 2023-2025. Those will be intended for the general public.

What Does Apple’s Headset Mean for VR in General?

Apple VR and AR headset is said to be mainly aimed at developers. The idea here is to make sure that app developers have a comprehensive, powerful device for creating AR and VR apps before Apple comes up with consumer devices.

In general, a superb developer device could work to lift the potential of VR apps across the board. One could say that Apple’s mixed reality headset will be a work tool, more than an entertainment device.

Improved VR tools naturally mean that developers will have the means necessary to bring their visions to fruition, thereby creating better and better VR content. 

That is incredible news for pushing virtual reality, as well as augmented reality forward. In the end, it is the consumer who wins as the quality of VR content will most likely increase in quality, quantity, and the multitude of real-world applications.

On another note, if the predictions are going to turn out true, then it is a very strategic move by Apple. The mixed reality headset will allow developers to create a wealth of apps before the consumer-centered AR glasses launch, but what about a consumer VR device? That is up for speculation. Perhaps Apple’s AR headset for consumers will get followed up with a VR one too.

One can sure hope. If not, then the only choice might be getting the highly-priced developer mixed reality headset, or going with devices by other companies. Only time will tell, but we assume that Apple has some tricks up its sleeve for not disappointing its fans.

All in all, the leaked information about the Apple VR are AR headset sounds very promising. Michi Chi Kuo is 76.6% accurate in his predictions, so he very well might be right with the leaked specs. 


The headset will most surely give app developers a vast boost, which will eventually trickle down to more entertainment and functionality for the consumer. One thing is sure – we can’t wait to see what next year will bring for VR tech once the big players like Apple jump onboard. 

How about you? What do you think about Apple’s mixed reality headset and AR glasses? What would you consider a reasonable price for the devices? Please share your comments in the section below, we would love to know what you think!

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