Top 32  Must-Have App Marketing Strategies    

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Apps have become an essential part of our everyday life. We use them for work, entertainment, and almost every other activity.   

Today, Google Play has approximately 3.04 million apps and the publishing new 6.140 mobile apps on average every day.  

Consequently, newly released apps face a risk of remaining in the shadows which can cause immense struggle for app creators to make their app stand out.   

When looking to discover a new app, more often users turn to their family and friends for recommendations than browsing app stores.  

Search engines are another way that people use to find a new game, to learn a new language, an app to arrange their finances, and others.    

So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss 32 must-haveApp Marketing strategies for your newly developed app.  

What are the App Marketing Strategies that you can implement to stand out from the crowd?   

1. Start Marketing Before Launch 

One thing that you should remember as an app marketer is to start app marketing long before you bring the app to the market.   

This App Marketing Strategies usually starts when your development team starts building your app. This is probably the best time to reach out to your customers and talk to them. After all, it’s the people you want to serve.  

By reaching out and getting questions answered, you want to understand the expectations your potential customers have with the app.   

This process will open you up to you provide value to your potential users and nurture relationship even though you don’t have an app yet.  

2. Incorporate Influencers Marketing 

For any company launching a new app, it is important to developing honest, authentic, and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers. Such relationships can and will go a long way in helping you to promote your app.  

In today’s world, influencers have the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of a group of people. It is vital to only present content to them with the truly relevant information about your product as per their target audience.   

But, remember it is also important to find influencers that truly value your company and vision. A person who will genuinely sponsor your product will aid your company much more.  


For companies that are in the nascent stage, it is very impactful to give your creators their section within the app or work towards an app that caters to both of your needs.  

3. Mobile Website  

Your website can be one of the greatest assets in promoting your app for free. But for this, you need to have an existing website that is fully functional and mobile-friendly.   

On desktop, all the customers interested in your company will find their way to your website and this is your chance to tell them you have an app.  

4. Feature Your App in a Blog  

Another App Marketing idea you can leverage is to include your app in a regularly scheduled blog post.   

This can be of two types:   

  • You can create a complete blog post that is dedicated solely to your app   
  • You can include a call to action in every blog post to invite your viewers to download the app.  

If you want to do more than you can get bloggers on other websites to build hype for your app.  

5. Feature Your App in Emails 

A great App Marketing Strategies gives you 360-degree coverage. Hence, if you want to create a App Marketing strategy you need to be engraved into every aspect of your email marketing.   

Every business sends out countless emails every day and if you are not including your app in those that means you’re are missing an opportunity.  

Every email that is sent out should include a one-line advertising footer for your app. This can include details such as the app’s accomplished and a link to redirect the readers towards the download page.  

Emails still have their charm is leveraged in the right ways. According to a study by Exact Target, “91% people check their email daily”.   

You can capitalize by incorporating app links in customer service emails, newsletters, and use them in email signatures.  

6. Use Demo Video  

Video marketing is also a very easy and powerful way to showcase everything your app has to offer.   

For your demo video marketing, you can create a simple 30-second commercial video that covers- Why, How, and What.  

Once you are finishing creating your demo video, be sure to include it in your blog post, social media channels, and other platforms.  

7. Consider App Stores Alterative 

We all know about Google Play and App Store. However, you should not forget that there is a bunch of other online markets where you can upload your app.   

According to One Platform Foundation, if an app on other less popular stores, it will increase the expected downloads by more than 200% compared to Google Play.  

Here is the list of some of the great lowkey app stores you should consider:  

8. Participate in App Awards 

You should also participate in app awards as it can give you tons of exposure through the press, reviews, and plenty of downloads.   

Of course, the chances of being picked among hundreds of other apps depend on your pitch and app idea. But, if you manage to get it right the first time then you can enjoy plenty of stardom.  

Here is a list of some famous app awards sites that you can try:  

 9. Focus on SEO   

Yes, it might sound a little strange to you but remember SEO matters.   

If you must be thinking why…..well! Let me explain.  

By using the correct SEO, your app URL might show up in search results when users key-in related queries. For instance, if they are looking up for music apps, then you might want your app to pop up among the first few entries.  

All that you need to do is identify “best-targeted” keywords that rank and analyze keywords your app is currently ranking on. You can also build quality links to boost rankings.  

10. Reach Out to Customers 

You should not just rely on App stores but also explore Google’s search engine. Believe me, it can do wonders for your app marketing strategy.  

For instance, if your app is related to music then Google the term “best music android apps.” See the results you get and out of these 5 top results, 4 of them are high-authority blogs.   

If you get this shot, you will get your app featured along with other long-term benefits such as:  

11. Join Entrepreneurs Groups 

You need to start increasing your visibility on social media groups & communities. you should especially focus on Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook.  

Create a network where you can ask them for feedback on your app. You can also give them free promo codes to try out.   

Build virtual relationships that might present the opportunity to cross-promote without spending money.  

12. Create Unique Icon 

With over 1.6 million apps in the Google Play Store, there is always noise in any category you choose. Constant noise forces many people choose to an app when the app icon entices them.  

So, you need to make your app icon stand out. Testing out your app icon on different wallpapers can help.  

13. Take Screenshots  

Taking random screenshots of your app and dropping it in the google or app store is a sign of a poor job.  

You can be more appealing to your audiences by adding captions and other visual elements. This will turn even a boring task management app into a high download winner.  

14. App Store Optimization 

App store optimization (ASO) is crucial for any new company as it is at the core of search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google Play and App Store.  

Like SEO, ASO focuses on search relevance, keyword relevance, and the keyword density in the app description.  

Your app description is important in your mobile App Marketing efforts as more than half of iPhone and Android users find the app through search.  

15. Great Landing Page 

For any business, the landing page is a must-have if you don’t have a mobile app. Landing pages are like business cards, you might not need them but it’s good to have.  

Your landing page should have the two most noticeable links of the App and Google Play Store. They should be larger than the social buttons which will help visitors to share the site app.  

In the second last panel, you should have social proof from news outlets and real-life users of the apps.  

16. Website Links for App Download 

The landing page is great, but it’s still the first step. It will give you chances to divert traffic to your business’s website. You can then leverage those existing visitors by adding a link to directly download the app.  

17. Website Banner 

A small banner is always great to grab user’s attention without intrusion. You can opt for pops up somewhere on your website which is non-intrusive and get notices.   

18. Social Media   

By now if you are not already in the social media game, you should hurry!  

You need to have a Facebook page, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, or Linkedin page to promote your app.  These apps will give you a great platform to promote your product and connect with the users.  

19. Get on Mobile App Review   

Getting your app in an App Review Site means you have to pitch to them. Your pitch needs to convince them that your app is good enough to be reviewed and featured on their website.   

Once an influencer accepts your offer, it is most likely that you’ll need to provide support material for your app.   

These App Marketing Strategies will get you lots of press and reviews about your app which is an easy way to capitalize on other site’s traffic.  

20. Be Press Ready 

You need to remember that journalists are pressured by deadlines. They usually don’t have time to follow up with leads.  

So, to have the best chance of getting your story published, you need to make sure your PR kit has everything a journalist will need.  

A good mobile app PR kit consists of:  

  • An App Summary Guide  
  • Your Press Release  
  • Screenshots (App & Lifestyle)  
  • Design Collateral (Icons, Logos, Banners, etc)  
  • Videos (Walkthroughs, Intro Video, etc)  
  • Founder Bios & Pictures  

Once your press kit and press release are ready, you can send them to free press release distribution sites.  

21. Promo Video 

A good promo video is a staple of any app as it is quick and easy to help users understand the usage of the app. You can also help them understand how they could use it too.  

Besides, promo videos can take advantage of video SEO. For instance, if users are searching for “the best list-making app.” Your promo video will show up in the results increasing your visibility.  

22. Use Your Social Network 

Despite the heavy focus by businesses, Social media is still in a very under-utilized promotion channel.   

Facebook page post reaches 16% of the page’s fan base. There you can be sending a message multiple times over a month or two. So, if you were to re-write a message 4 or 5 times and send it once a week for 5 weeks that means you’re reaching 80% of your audience.  

23. Announcement Blog 

Launch, announcements, and updates of your app on your company’s page is a great way to keep your customers informed about the new change.   

To promote your blog, you can leverage your social network and cite the blog post in your email signature to drive traffic to your mobile app. This will immensely support your app marketing strategy. 

24. In-Store App Promotion  

If you are running a brick-and-mortar business, the best way to drive downloads is by leveraging foot traffic.  

For instance, you can place QR codes, Google Play Store and App Store stickers, and inform customers about your mobile app.   

Similarly, you can create a QR code and place it on your business cards. By doing this, everyone who gets a card will also have a direct link to download your app.  

25. Recruit Users Locally 

Local events can be a great place to recruit new mobile app users. You need to simply bring a stack of business cards that have your app download link and hand them out without much talking.  

It’s suggested to have a brief initial conversation with the people at the event and then you can start handing them your business card.   

26. Blog Commenting 

Identify the opportunity to add value by commenting on blogs that are relevant to your app.   

You can provide valuable insight and attach the link to your mobile app as well. This can drive high-quality links and traffic to your mobile app.  

27. Influencer Sharing 

You can always drive mass amounts of traffic to your mobile by leveraging influencers. For this find a list of relevant influencers working in your app’s space.  

You can work with them in two ways:  

  • You can do a joint venture  
  • You can send in the product and can share if the app adds value to them  

You can automate this to schedule a bunch of tweets fed over time or leverage the influence of others for share manor.  

28. Use Pinterest 

Pinterest is another social network platform that is ignored by many marketers. You need to have pictures of your app focusing on its beauty. You can also share other images of its interface. This App Marketing Strategies will drive more traffic as people come there for the idea.  

29. Incentivize Users  

You can promote your app by creating a contest within your app to incentivize your users if they download the app. You can also add various levels of keeping the remainder of the contest or referring it to a friend.  

Your app can also have a leaderboard that showcases its stand in the rankings. This will engage your company, increase app share, and having their friends sign up.   

30. Respond to Reviews 

You should always be consistent and prompt to take the time out to answer your customer. You should remember that they are taking their time to write out a review no matter how long.   

Regardless of the customer’s feedback, let them know that you are trying your best to resolve the problem. You can also list out the steps you are taking to solve their issue.   

You should always apologize if they are not satisfied and thank them for their patronage if they are satisfied.   

31. Integrate Sharing  

You can take your App Marketing Strategies a step deeper by letting it promote itself. With each step your customers will make endless discoveries, nothing is more satisfying than sharing them.   

You can include the option to share in-app content within your app. This will broaden your app’s visibility and create a platform that lets users express themselves.  

32. Constantly Update Your App 

Your need constantly makes your app better for customers. In the longer run, apps that are not cared for are usually thrown away as they become outdated.  

Users will feel that you are not doing anything to make the experience better for them. This will be especially true if you have not addressed many issues for a long time.  

Updating your app constantly will keep your app content fresh and let your customers know that you are always planning something more.  


In this blog, I have covered the Best 32 must-have App Marketing Strategies that you should know before starting an app. If you feel that I have missed any new App Marketing Strategies or note-worthy points you can let me know in the comment below? 


Author Bio:

Shreeya Chourasia is an experienced B2B marketing/tech content writer, who is diligently committed for growing your online presence. Her writing doesn’t merely direct the audience to take action, rather it explains how to take action for promising outcomes.

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