Top 10 Android App Development Companies
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Top 10 Android App Development Companies


Android apps are ruling over the world of mobile apps for a decade. As per a recent study, Android has more or less than 82% of the share in the smartphone market as of now. It has been estimated that of the overall mobile users around the world, 75% of them are Android users. It has fewer restrictions than others. Android apps are compatible with android phones and tablets. Apps developed by the Android app development companies are feasible and handy to use. The Android developers can create apps with great ease in contrast to the iOS developers, for the creation of the apps is quite a tricky and lengthy task.

Android App Development Companies

Android apps have totally transformed the mobile app market. It is popular because of its easy-to-use features, low development cost, and no restriction policy like in iOS. Android is open-source, which is one of its greatest benefits.
Below listed are the Android app development companies.

Android App Development

1. Retrocube

Retrocube is among the pioneers in providing android application development Services. They are having enormous experience in the field of design and development. Their diligent passionate and trained workforce is the reason behind their endless success. They assist businesses to blow out their message all across the globe in a very efficient way. Along with Android and iOS, they create apps for windows too. What makes them notable is the way they maintain a connection with their clients.

2. Intellectsoft

It is a software development company having an intellectual team of skilled workers as represented by the organization’s name. They excel in the field of custom software development. Expert in providing mobile apps for Android and iOS. It is popular among the customers because of its loyalty and honesty with the customers, dedication to the work, and utmost passion of their android app developers. They have tackled complex mobile and web app issues and provided the required solutions to their clients.

3. WillowTree

WilowTree is another app development company that is famous among people due to its high-end services. They have a skilled workforce of developers that are having proven track record in the field of app development. Their skillful team delivers full-stack development services. Their key services for which they are prevalent are app and web development, android and iOS app development, SEO, marketing, and content designing. It was founded in 2007 and has made a notable name till 2022, which is not a quite long time period but achievements do not depend on any time frame. The only requirement to achieve goals is the utmost dedication, which the willowTree already has. Their notable clients are PepsiCo, FOX, HBO, and Johnson & Johnson.

4. Dom & Tom

It is an end-to-end digital solution provider having extensive experience in the field of development and designing. They have a proven track record of providing high-end digital services, especially to Android app development companies. With the assistance of its diligent workforce, it has initiated over 500+ web projects and around 120 native mobile apps. They are located in New York and Chicago. Their core services are UI and UX designing, web and app development, digital marketing, DevOps, QA & deployment, hosting services, and client relationship management. These are the primary areas where they excel and have successfully provided exceptionally great services.

5. Droids& Roids

These software development companies are the best and on-time solution providers. It can be the best choice for those who want long-term solutions to their digital problems. Many companies rely on this digital software agency for its exceptional Android app development services. They are specialists in the field of mobile app development for Android iOS and Flutter. Their key services also include web app development and graphic design, especially product designing. They have assisted so many popular companies including Honey Bee and Giphy.

6. Fueled

Fueled is listed among the top 10 Android app development companies for so many notable reasons. First of all, it has made a great name in a very short span of time. It was launched in 2008 and now it is ranking among the top companies in the field of Android application development. The meticulous workforce of Fueled always emphasizes the requirements of their clients. First, they analyze the wants and needs of their clients then they plan their strategies accordingly. Because of this, they are successful in providing 100% satisfaction to their clients. Verizon, QuizUp, and Summit series are the notable names in their client list to whom they have successfully provided great services.

7. Konstant Infosolutions

It is another software development company having a meticulous workforce of around 190+ highly skilled professionals who have provided the best-proven services to the clients like United Nations, Wonder cement, NASSCOM, and Thomas Ville. It is one of the leading software development companies serving since 2003. Its goal is to provide high-end professional digital services to clients. This company is endlessly expanding its business. Their best services are UI/UX designing, E-Commerce, and web and app development (custom). Their clients praised them on various review platforms for their on-time response and active engagement with the customers.

8. Fuzz

It is a top-notch digital solution provider. The company is having extensive experience in the field of mobile and web app development and designing. They have proven expertise in the iOS and Android app markets. It has successfully delivered mobile apps for almost every platform such as Android and iOS, and for the devices like iPad and iMac. Their framework includes cross-platform approaches. They are experts in delivering a great user experience in the apps. The Android app developers in Fuzz are well aware of the current industry trends so they. perform and build apps accordingly. With the client brief, they amalgamate their own taste too which comes out as a result of the exceptionally great product.

9. TechAhead

It is notable because of its captivating design services, and the energetic engaging websites and mobile app development. They have worked on critical projects and have successfully delivered those on time. Clients vouch for them because of the provision of their exceptionally great services with perfection and detail. The core services they provide include mobile consultation, mobile app development, and web app development. Their team focuses on providing the best quality services within a very short span of time.

10. Softeq

Softeq has a great name in the field of design and development. They provide an exceptionally great workforce to their clients in order to assist them in their exclusive projects. It is having a meticulous team of industry professionals who are great at providing on-time digital solutions. The company has a prominent name because it has assisted so many notable companies throughout their career and is endlessly serving. Companies like Microsoft, Nike, Walt Disney, Intel, Epson, Verizon, and a few more are prominent clients to whom they have successfully provided IT services.

Wrapping it up

Now you know the top 10 Android app development companies so must keep them in your mind when you need to hire any Android development company, go through these companies’ profiles and choose according to your budget, project needs, and requirements. Additionally, if you are looking to hire developers, you can also explore various platforms and resources available for hiring skilled developers. These platforms provide access to a pool of talented developers who specialize in Android app development. Furthermore, you can take assistance from the top-rated freelancers too, this might be more cost-effective because companies usually charge higher than freelancers.

Mobile app development has quickly increased with the arrival of the Google play store and Apple app store. It has turned out to be a must-have for businesses, especially for those who are offering services exceptional. Whenever any entrepreneur initiates any business, at first, he develops his own business’s website and after its successful completion moves towards the app development.

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