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10 Best Voice Search Apps For Android


Digital evolution reached its very peak with the integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence by mobile applications. AI is not just innovation.

The realm of mobile application development had undergone a massive transformation with Voice Search App by Google. 2017 was the year that witnessed Google as the very first Artificial Intelligence Company.

As per recent studies, the market of AI mobile app will grow by $14.26 billion by 2024. This is because personal assistant applications make human lives more comfortable.

It’s funny how such technologies can help meet to-do lists effortlessly. Right from making calls, reserving movie tickets, emailing; there is nothing that will go unnoticed due to such technology.

After the catastrophic 2020, people with the help of such technologies can help shape 2021 in a better way, keeping the sheer focus on android app development.

To curb monotony & to keep minds engaged,

Here Are the Top 10 Voice Search Apps for Android

1. Headspace

With pandemic or without a pandemic, the human mind is always racing, stressing & overthinking. Headspace after gaining the voice search application system Alpine.AI has created a highly valuable position for itself.

This system was responsible for bringing massive enhancements in the voice platforms. Now users can engage in better natural conversations with products through voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.


1. Users can manage stress, insomnia, and anxiety with the built-in guided meditation sittings

2. Users can get hold of new skills with live animations

3. People undergoing a lot of stress can benefit from the SOS sessions

Download Here

2. Cortana

2020 is a year when people truly understand the value of time. Along with this, people are striving constantly to be successful, to secure a better tomorrow which requires focus. A voice search app for Android; Cortana is helping people not just save time but enhance focus as well.


1. Users can reach the office right on time as they can discover high-traffic areas from prior

2. Linking a Smartphone along with Windows PC is possible which will help in managing call records

3. Users can receive fast answers just by asking; they can also get access to quick information on flights

Download Here

3. Google Assistant

When you are looking for a unique voice search app Google Assistant is the one for you. This voice search application actually substituted Google Now in the operating systems. You can also receive accurate data along with the voice search as the app comes with the tech giant’s search engine.

voice search on google


1. Users are actually spoilt for choice as they can choose from 8 different voices

2. The ‘Discover’ option offers users personalized updates

3. Google Assistant is a highly conversational app

Download Here

4. Sygic

While you are driving from home to work or vice versa, there can be several things on the road that can spoil your mood. For instance, by mistake, you get into a lane that is high on traffic eventually makes you reach work late. This in turn leads to your boss yelling at you. It is funny how an AI-enabled voice search app download can save you from such situations. Sygic is one such powerful navigation app that even works without the Internet.


1. Users receive regular map updates free of cost. The app incorporates superior-quality three-dimensional apps

2. Sygic app helps in escaping high-traffic routes

3. The app alerts users with speed cameras & speed limit warnings which means they can prevent the occurrence of speeding tickets

Download Here

5. DataBot

A highly fun voice search app for Android, Assistant DataBot answers with a voice depending on the topics you show interest in. The app works like a personal assistant that is always ready to assist while you work, play, or travel. It just needs a few seconds to respond to your requests.


1. DataBot helps in creating modified multimedia presentations simply by using text, images & voice

2. AI assistant is available all the time along with the use of Jarvis as the voice search

3. An avant-garde personal secretary, DataBot helps in managing diaries, searching contacts, saving reminders & notes, etc

Download Here

6. Spotify

In times of stress, frustration especially in this pandemic, what can actually uplift the mood in no time? It is definitely music. But gone are those days when you needed to type and search songs. Spotify is one of the most popular free voice search apps, that is redefining music with the help of AI. This voice search app for PC as well as smartphones helps you enjoy music in several languages.


1. Users can create & share their very own playlists

2. The app offers personalized playlists to users depending on their listening patterns

3. Users can discover music for all types of activities and mood

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7. Bixby

Are you a Samsung device user? If yes, you definitely need to use Bixby which is Samsung’s very own voice search app. This personal assistant application enables you to focus on all the important things in your life. It will even keep track of all the previous searches.


1. This voice search app download understands the conversational language. This makes communication a lot easier

2. Contains direct support to numerous apps

3. The app identifies voice commands for languages like Chinese, English & Korean

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8. Vlingo

Did you ever dream of having a personal assistant? Now you can easily get hands on a virtual assistant with the help of the voice search app known as Vlingo. There are both paid & free versions available.


1. The web search app development services are voice-enabled

2. The voice recognition feature of the app is user-oriented

3. Users can update their Facebook status or send texts just with the help of voice

Download Here

9. Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Echo merchandises took the world by storm on their release. Among the voice search Google apps, the one that truly became popular is none other than Amazon Alexa. It can easily work in all Amazon echo items.

Amazon alexa voice search


1. Users can easily integrate the app with Smart home products

2. Users have the luxury of extending some attributes of Alexa by using few 3rd party skills

3. Simply with the help of voice search, users can purchase Amazon products

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10. Magdalm

With the entire cybercrime taking place all over the country, you must keep your Wifi network secure. Magdalm is one such voice search app for Android that helps you to scrutinize your entire Wifi network. By this, you will be able to take a look at all the devices that are linked.


1. Users can change the icon & name of every device

2. The app displays the mac, DNS, and IP of all the devices connected

3. Users can adjust the scan timeout

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Final Words

Technology such as a voice search app in this pandemic is a savior for humans. Overcoming the crisis in a fun way becomes feasible with a voice search app download. The various app development services are now even more fine-tuned due to the speech to text technology. Hands-free & hassle-free experiences like this also help businesses fetch huge amounts of profit. There is nothing that an application like this can’t do! Starting from searching movies, playing songs as per the mood, or ways to not get bored; the apps have it all.

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