Zero To Datasets

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Start working on your data science projects immediately using preloaded software stacks on Z by HP Workstations.
Let’s be honest—the out-of-the-box PC experience for data scientists is different than it is for mere-mortal users. Your university’s number-crunching crowd doesn’t simply open the box, plug in the power, and put their genius to work. Before they get underway on their research, they might spend days chasing down and configuring a multitude of open-source applications.
Even after the data science environment is set up, maintaining tools becomes a moving set of gears, with different release schedules and conflicting code components, any of which can throw a wrench into the workflow.
But Z by HP desktop and mobile laptop workstations make it easy. Preloaded and pretuned with the most popular tools critical for the data science workflow, Z devices can have your researchers exploring multibillion record datasets in minutes.


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