Working With Complex Geometry And Organic Shapes

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To date, incorporating complex geometry and organic shapes have been a painful and challenging ordeal. It has resulted in significant time-wasters such as recreating models, fixing broken geometry, working against out-ofdate files, delayed feedback, and many other detriments. The release of 3D Sculptor and 3D Creator is aimed directly at improving four distinct workflows that eliminate these issues. In concept designs, industrial designers, digital sculptors, and mechanical engineers can create complex geometry and organic shapes with sub-d modeling through 3D Sculptor and parametric modeling through 3D Creator. These apps allow anyone to build out and iterate concepts quickly and easily. When it comes to reviewing and signing off on concepts, 3D Sculptor and 3D Creator offer serious advantages. The apps allow internal and external subject matter experts as well as executives to provide feedback in the context of the design through a web browser. Everyone can participate quickly and smoothly.


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