The 3rd Annual Global Password Security Report

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“Explore changes in password security practices worldwide – and see where businesses are still
putting themselves at risk.
LastPass has analyzed over 47,000 businesses to bring you insights into security behavior worldwide.
The takeaway is clear: Many businesses are making significant strides in some areas of password and access
security – but there is still a lot of work to be done. Use of important security measures like multifactor
authentication is up, but the continued reality of poor password hygiene still hampers many businesses’
ability to achieve high standards of security.
In the report, we not only highlight key trends by company size, sector, and location, we provide analysis and
recommendations to help IT and business leaders take action where it’s needed most.
Download the free report today to see the current state of password security, access, and authentication
around the world – and learn what you can do today to better secure your company.”


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