SonicWall Case Study

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“SonicWall’s experience with Globalization Partners was a testament to how a global employment platform can act as an expert advisor to organizations going through change. Once SonicWall started experiencing the benefits, hiring new, highly specialized talent became an easier-than-ever task.

“Being able to rely on Globalization Partners is how can we get people in the door as fast as possible.” Remembering how ambitious their initial hiring goals were, Ashcraft added, “In our first quarter of 2019, we set extremely ambitious hiring goals, expecting that we may have set the bar too high. But then we met those goals on time. And I think part of that is the emphasis that our leadership places on getting the right talent.”

Now, SonicWall can open up the world map and start looking for talent anywhere. That’s why, for example, they were able to move into new markets, such as Eastern Europe, where they previously had no established employee presence.

“Each country is going to be different in terms of its laws. But we just hadn’t really had any talent in the Eastern Europe area. And being able to rely on expertise and efficiency, those two things were very, very important to us,” Ashcraft said.


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