Pro Edition Buyer’s Guide

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Content development is more challenging than ever. Throughout this guide, you’ll see research findings that give you a candid look at what 1,500 creatives and the IT leaders who support them* see as their top challenges and needs.1 You’ll learn what small- to large-sized organizations around the globe face in their creative workplaces— and what they want going forward. Key takeaways? A hybrid workplace with a broader set of teams creating content is making collaboration, consistency, and compliance more challenging. Additionally, the ever-growing challenge to keep pace with social media and stay relevant heightens the already pressing need for creative teams to stay agile. Read on to explore what creative teams and leaders say about today’s landscape. You’ll also discover how Pro Edition, our latest Adobe Creative Cloud offering for business, empowers your organization by supporting agile content development, ensuring greater brand consistency, reducing potential risk, and keeping budgets more predictable.


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