Impact of COVID-19 on Workforce Composition

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PwC Saratoga Benchmarking 2021 Survey Results
In today’s battle for top talent, retention is top-of-mind for business leaders, with 88% of executives in a recent PwC survey saying they’re seeing higher turnover than normal. What was once the status quo for business in prior years has changed since the start of the pandemic .
Read the Impact of COVID-19 on Workforce Composition to learn more about:
• How hiring trends have fluctuated during the pandemic
• Churn rate impacts across different sectors
• The challenges projected for HR and the workforce
The pain of the Great Resignation is real, and it’s pushing companies to examine their initiatives around the employee experience. Get some inspiration for rethinking your long-term HR strategies by reviewing these survey results that can help inform your thinking around employee retention and engagement.


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